Open 7:00 am Monday - 7:00 am Saturday

University Services Building RM 103, MSC 7002

181 Patterson Street

Harrisonburg, VA  22807

Telephone - 540.568.6101 (24 hours a day)


The Facilities Management Work Control Center staff are here to ensure that all University faculty, staff and students are comfortable in their environment. The staff are trained personnel who are in direct radio contact with our technician personnel. They can answer most of your questions or direct you to the appropriate person. The Work Control Center staff also acts as University liaisons notifying our customers of building system shutdowns. The Work Control Center automates and distributes the customers' requests. An average of 3,770 maintenance requests and 2,160 repetitive work requests are processed monthly.

The Work Control Center provides delivery of all FM services. The Work Control Center will log the request and forward it to the appropriate Building Management Team, or to Architectural Design & Engineering, Major Projects, or Utilities as appropriate. Generally all requests for maintenance services should go through the designated Building Coordinator (emergencies excluded). Requesters should check their respective departmental policies on authorization to request fabrication or remodeling services.

Customer requests, service calls and inquiries may be submitted in the following ways:

  1. Via The AiM system
  2. Called into the Work Control Center at 540.568.6101
  3. Mailed to the Work Control Center at MSC 7002
  4. E-mailed to the Work Control Center at
  5. Delivered directly to the Work Control Center located at Patterson Street USB, Room 103

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