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Environmental Stewardship Tour Map

Welcome to the Tour

The tour illustrates how JMU incorporates sustainability in facilities and operations and uses its campus as a living environment for multidisciplinary learning and applied research that advances sustainability on campus. The tour has the following components: a website with details including photos, videos, environmental features, examples of faculty and student research and projects, and lists of courses that have engaged with each place; a printable map for taking the self-guided walking tour; and signs on campus with scannable QR codes.

JMU students, we hope the tour will not only raise awareness but will inspire you to pursue engaged learning experiences! JMU community member and visitors, as you take the tour, we challenge you to consider the interdependence of humans and the environment; the health, socio-economic and ecological dimensions of environmental stewardship; the way in which environmental problems are explored and solutions are developed and implemented; and how environmental stewardship is and can be integrated into our lives. How might you think critically, and act as model stewards of the natural world? After taking the tour, look at the ISNW website for comprehensive inventories of sustainability courses and research opportunities at JMU as well as directions for requesting to use campus for a hands-on sustainability project.

Take the Online Tour

Explore the Environmental Stewardship Tour sites online! Navigate using the photos below to read more about how each site is leveraged as a resource for education and/or how faculty and students contribute to facilities management's environmental stewardship efforts. Sample photos, videos, studies, student projects, and courses that engaged with the sites are also included. 

Take the Self-Guided Walking Tour

Take the self-guided walking tour to visit our environmental stewardship sites when you are on campus! Download a printable map to get started, or look for the signs which indicate that you are at an environmental stewardship tour site. Scan the QR code on the tour signs and then use the photos below to navigate to read about that site.


The tour was partially funded by a grant from the Dominion Higher Educational Partnership Program. Sources of some support for signs were the Pure Water Forum and the Environmental Protection Agency's Section 117 Chesapeake Bay Implementation Grant at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), via contract number 15984.  

The tour was developed in collaboration with:

Facilities Management: Abram Kaufman, Michael Dalmolin, and Bradley Andrick
Students: Nicholas Barrett, Christopher Katalinas, and Brooke Covington
College of Integrated Science and Engineering: Robert Brent, Carole Nash, Amy Goodall, and Elise Barrella
Institute for Stewardship of the Natural World: Amanda Bodle and Kay Forshey
Creative Services: Joshua See
Integrated Science and Technology Department Laboratory Operations: Chrissy Rothgeb
Information Technology: Alvin Chao, Dale Hulvey, and Linda Carrier
Public Safety: Lee Eshelman
The Student Success Center: Ritter Clevenger
Office of Sponsored Programs: Tamara Hatch
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality: Nesha McRae

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