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Wayland Hall is location 3 on the tour. The following description also appears on the Story Map.

In 2012, Wayland Hall became the first renovated residence hall in the United States to achieve platinum-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The renovation strategy at James Madison University’s Wayland Residence Hall pursued the highest levels of sustainable design in 2010 as described in the brochure in the section below. Wayland Hall is a residence hall with a living learning comunity for visual and performing arts, and can only be viewed from the exterior.


For more information about each course, search by course number in the Undergraduate Catalog.

ISAT 100. Environmental and Energy Sustainability (General Education Course, Cluster 3)

SRM 436. Facilities and Events in Sport and Recreation Management

Example Course:
ISAT 100: Environmental and Energy Sustainability provides non-STEM majors basic physics and chemistry education within the context of today’s complex issues involving energy and environmental sustainability.  Students learn through activities that
1. Enhance understanding of the potential for science and technology to impact energy/environmental sustainability
2. Encourage ways to have a personal impact on sustainability
3. Develop appreciation of the importance of advocating for sustainability policy decisions 
The course also provides experiential learning opportunities for students through activities that use the JMU campus as a living laboratory.  JMU’s Office of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability and Office of Facilities Management assist with demonstrations and tours that allow students to see first-hand the major sustainability initiatives on campus.

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