Introduction to Environmental Stewardship at JMU

Dr. Christie-Joy B. Hartman, Executive Director of the Institute for Stewardship of the Natural World, provides an introduction to how JMU is building an environmentally literate community and integrating environmental stewardship into academics, co-curricular programs, and operations.


Hear a brief introduction (6 minutes) from Dr. Rob Alexander, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration at JMU, and an in-depth presentation (36 minutes) from Dr. Steven Frysinger, Professor of Integrated Science and Technology at JMU, about environmental opportunities at JMU, which include environmental science, environmental policy, environmental humanities, energy, sustainability, and more.

Dr. Alan Levinovitz, Associate Professor of Religion at JMU, provides his students and readers with unfamiliar perspectives by challenging commonly accepted norms surrounding spirituality and naturalness.


Dr. Mikaela Schmitt-Harsh, Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at JMU, describes designing a food forest, also known as an edible forest garden, for the JMU campus and the opportunities for students to get involved. The video was recorder prior to breaking ground on the food forest, but the remaining information is still relevant.

Hear three JMU professors from different disciplines discuss their throughs on changes that can be made at the individual and systems levels to address climate change.
See how the JMU experience prepares students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about environmental sustainability.

Hear from Abe Kaufman, JMU Energy Conservation & Sustainability Manager and Dale Chestnut, JMU Stormwater Coordinator, about JMU Facilities Management's operations-related sustainability efforts. Information about green building certifications is constantly evolving. For the most up to date information please visit the Facilities Management Green Buildings page.

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