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General Education Cluster 3: The Natural World

The following are examples of courses listed as part of the General Education Cluster 3 Requirements.  See Cluster 3 for complete details.

Course Prefix Course Number Course Name



Environment: Earth



Earth Systems, Cycles and Human Impact



Issues in Science and Technology: Living Systems



Earth and Planetary Science for Teachers



Environmental and Energy Sustainability



Environmental Issues in Science and Technology (includes lab)


Most academic units offer at least one sustainability-related course, and many units offer numerous courses. In the table below are some recent JMU courses which include one of the following: a focus on understanding or solving one or more major sustainability challenges, a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, one or more sustainability-focused activities, or sustainability integrated throughout the course. Use the search box to search by course prefix, course number, or key word. 

For current course descriptions, please see the Undergraduate and Graduate CatalogsLog into MyMadison to see which courses are offered in a particular semester. Then, contact the instructor of record listed in MyMadison to learn important details of how sustainability is included in a course, such as how deeply sustainability is explored and which dimensions of sustainability are included.

Course Prefix Course Number Course Name
ANTH 307 Climate, Culture and Change
ANTH 317 Primate Evolutionary Ecology
BIO 310 Marine Biology
BIO 354 Global Climate Change and Life: Ecological and Biological Impacts of Climate Variability
BIO 357 Galapagos Islands: Biodiversity and Conservation
BIO 364 Human Uses of Plants
BIO 364L Laboratory in Human Uses in Plants
BIO 366 Environmental Ecology and Evolution
BIO 402 Forest Ecology
BIO 447 Evolution and Ecology of Infectious Disease
BIO 449 Insect Ecology
BIO 457 Biological Applications of Geographic Information Systems
CHEM 353 Environmental Chemistry
CHEM 355 Geochemistry of Natural Waters
CHEM 395 Perspectives in Chemistry
CS 330 Societal and Ethical Issues in Computing
ECON 305 Environmental Economics
EDUC 455 Perspectives in Environmental Education
ENG 372 Ecocriticism and Environmental Ethics
ENG 390 The Environmental Imagination
ENGR 232 Engineering Design II
ENGR 411 Fundamentals of Sustainable Engineering and Design
ENGR 412 Sustainable Engineering and Design II
ENGR 471 Water in Africa
ENVT 200 Environmental Systems Theory
ENVT 400 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Problem Solving
GEOG 200 Geography: The Global Dimension
GEOG 210 Physical Geography
GEOG 216 Earth Observation and GPS
GEOG 280 Human Geography: The Cultural Landscape
GEOG 290 Human-Environment Interactions
GEOG 308 Environment, Nature and Society
GEOG 322 Agricultural Systems
GEOG 332 Geography of Europe
GEOG 339 Geography of the Caribbean
GEOG 340 Biogeography
GEOG 341 Wilderness Techniques
GEOG 375 Political Geography
GEOG 429 Sustainability: An Ecological Perspective
GEOG 470 Senior Seminar in Environmental Conservation, Sustainability and Development
GEOG 476 Sustainable Cities Seminar
GEOL 102 Environment: Earth
GEOL 115 Earth Systems and Climate Change
GEOL 211 Introduction to Oceanography
GEOL 340 Environmental Soil Science (2, 2)
GEOL 355 Geochemistry of Natural Waters
GEOL 460 Hydrogeology
GEOL 477 Contemporary Issues in the Geosciences
HIST 434 Recent America
HON 331 Global Studies I
HTH 352 Environmental Health
HTH 422 Public Health and Healthcare Policy
HUMN 201 Introduction to Humanitarian Affairs
ISAT 100 Environmental and Energy Sustainability
ISAT 112 Environmental Issues in Science and Technology
ISAT 211 Issues in Modern Production Systems
ISAT 212 Energy Issues in Science and Technology
ISAT 311 Role of Energy in Modern Society
ISAT 320 Fundamentals of Environmental Science & Technology I
ISAT 321 Fundamentals of Environmental Science & Technology II
ISAT 330 Sustainable Manufacturing Systems
ISAT 410 Sustainable Energy Development
ISAT 411 Energy Economics and Policy
ISAT 422 Industrial Environmental Management
ISAT 423 Environmental Remediation
ISAT 424 Natural Resource Management
ISAT 425 Environmental Hydrology
ISAT 426 Environmental Information Systems
ISAT 428 Industrial Ecology
ISAT 429 Sustainability: An Ecological Perspective
ISAT 430 Materials and Manufacturing Processes
ISAT 431 Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems
ISAT 437 Technological Innovation and Sustainable Design
ISAT 455 Regulatory Issues Biotechnology
ISAT 473 Local Agriculture and Farm Internships
ISAT 474 Political Ecology
ISAT 495 Technology in Our World: Better by Design
ISCI 173 Life and Environmental Science for Teachers
MGT 461 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
PPA 484 Environmental Regulatory Policy and Politics
SCOM 302 Third Wave Ecofeminism
SCOM 354 Environmental Communication and Advocacy
SOCI 311 Sociology of the Environment
SOWK 288 Human Rights, Social, Economic and Environmental Justice
UNST 151 Making Sense of Beliefs and Values: A Guided Tour for Global Citizens
WGSS 302 Third Wave Ecofeminism
WRTC 326 Environmental Communication and Advocacy

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