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Cynthia Ruff


Hall Director

Potomac Hall

1. Be your authentic self.

2. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Make the most out of every moment here at JMU. 

The next 4+ years will fly by before you even realize it.

Sam Squyars


Hall Director

Chesapeake Hall

Get involved!

There are so many clubs and organizations you can join!

Even if you weren't involved in high school,

now is your chance to try something different

and make new friends!

ORL Staff

Feeling anxious about finding out where you’re living

and who your roommate will be?

Try not to worry! All of our residence halls

have their perks and your roommate may

end up being one of your very best friends!

ORL Staff

Feel like you’re buying/packing too many things?

LESS IS MORE! Once you’re all moved in and assess

the things you really need, you can always make a store run!

ORL Staff

Got a hammock?

BE SURE TO ATTACH IT ONLY TO TREES! Attaching to light posts,

poles or anything other than tree trunks or strong tree branches

is an extreme hazard. HAPPY HAMMOCKING!

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