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Faculty in Residence (FIR)

The Faculty in Residence program was created to house university professors in the residence halls in order to facilitate interaction between students and educators.

We house FIRs in Paul Jennings Hall, Chandler Hall, Chesapeake Hall, Shenandoah Hall and Eagle Hall.

Program Goals

    • Increase informal interaction between students and faculty.
    • Increase opportunities for student out-of-classroom learning.
    • Increase faculty involvement in out-of-classroom student life.

"This program benefits both the student and faculty member in residence. Students can receive assistance with their academic or personal development. The faculty member can benefit from sharing their area of expertise and/or their personal interests. Their work as educators can be enhanced through the residential living experience. Research shows that informal student/faculty contact has a positive effect on college students’ personal and intellectual development." (Browne, M. N., Headworth, S., & Saum, K., 2009)

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Current Faculty in Residence
sam suggs

Sam Suggs

Assistant Professor, Bass

Wayland Hall

BJ Bryson

Professor, Department of Social Work

Shenandoah Hall

Debbie Sturm

Associate Professor, Department of Graduate Psychology

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