Guests in residence hall rooms/suites/apartments are limited to other occupants of that same residence hall, only. Hosting guests from other residence halls or off-campus is a violation of the Stop the Spread agreement and grounds for removal from campus housing.

All common areas in the residence halls have posted capacity limits based on COVID guidelines. Failure to comply with these limits is a violation of the Stop the Spread agreement and grounds for removal from campus housing.

With the exception of the halls listed on this page, all other on-campus rooms have the following maximum capacities.

  • Single Occupancy Room = Maximum of 2 students at one time (hosts included)
  • Double Occupancy Room = Maximum of 4 students at one time (hosts included)
  • Triple Occupancy Room = Maximum of 6 students at one time (hosts included)



Apartments on Grace

  • Four Person Apartment = Maximum of 8 people per apartment (hosts included)
  • Two Person Apartment = Maximum of 4 people per apartment (hosts included)

Village Suites

  • Each suite is limited to a maximum of 12 students each (hosts included) 


Chandler Hall and Chesapeake Hall

  • There are 40 suites in each of these halls that share a private bathroom and have a maximum capacity of 6 people at one time (hosts included). They are listed below:


Chandler Hall
Chesapeake Hall
Chandler A163 Chandler B113 Chesapeake A163 Chesapeake B113
Chandler A166  Chandler B114  Chesapeake A166  Chesapeake B114
Chandler A167    Chandler B117 Chesapeake A167 Chesapeake B117
Chandler A170 Chandler B118  Chesapeake A170 Chesapeake B118
Chandler A263  Chandler B213  Chesapeake A263  Chesapeake B213
Chandler A264   Chandler B214 Chesapeake A264  Chesapeake B214
Chandler A267   Chandler B217  Chesapeake A267 Chesapeake B217
Chandler A268   Chandler B218 Chesapeake A268  Chesapeake B218
Chandler A363   Chandler B313  Chesapeake A363 Chesapeake B313
Chandler A364   Chandler B314  Chesapeake A364 Chesapeake B314
Chandler A367    Chandler B317 Chesapeake A367 Chesapeake B317
Chandler A368    Chandler B318 Chesapeake A368 Chesapeake B318
Chandler A463  Chandler B413  Chesapeake A463 
Chesapeake B413
Chandler A464   Chandler B414  Chesapeake A464 Chesapeake B414
Chandler A467  Chandler B417  Chesapeake A467  Chesapeake B417
Chandler A468   Chandler B418 Chesapeake A468  Chesapeake B418
Chandler A563  Chandler B513  Chesapeake A563  Chesapeake B513
Chandler A564  Chandler B514  Chesapeake A564  Chesapeake B514
Chandler A567  Chandler B517  Chesapeake A567  Chesapeake B517
Chandler A568   Chandler B518 Chesapeake A568  Chesapeake B518

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