Live Safe 


All JMU Residence Halls are equipped with Card Access systems that restrict access to occupants and guests only. Each hall has an RA staff that lives in the building and is available to assist with everything from routine questions to emergency situations.


JMU’s residence halls meet all state-mandated fire codes including centralized alarm systems that communicate alarms directly to the fire department and the JMU police whenever the system is activated. All rooms are also equipped with hard-wired smoke detectors and heat sensors.


Agree that appropriate efforts are made in their hall to address harassment.


Agree/Strongly Agree that they feel safe in their residence hall.


Agree/Strongly Agree that they feel safe on JMU's campus.


Believe that the residence halls are free from harassment.

Live Close


Everything you want to do at JMU is just a short walk or bus ride from your residence hall, including UREC, the Health Center, D-Hall/E-Hall, Football & Basketball games, the Student Success Center, The Union, and, of course, your classes!

Live Supported

Knowing your neighbors

ONLY full-time JMU undergraduates can live in JMU’s residence halls which means you are guaranteed to be sharing space with other Dukes and ONLY other Dukes! 


Research shows that compared to college students who live off campus, students who live in the residence halls are more likely to graduate, more involved in extracurricular, social, and cultural events on campus, more positive about the social climate, and interact more frequently with faculty members and peers.


Agree/Strongly Agree that their hall director is someone they can go to if they need assistance.


Agree/Strongly Agree that they have found resident advisors (RAs) in their hall to be approachable.


Agree/Strongly Agree that they believe that the resident advisors (RAs) enforce policy fairly.


Agree/Strongly Agree that they can find a member of their hall staff when they need them.


Agree/Strongly Agree that the climate in their residence halls is accepting of people of diverse backgrounds.

Live Connected

Location and amenities

Upperclass Residence Halls are located across campus including in the Bluestone Area and East Campus. We also offer 500+ beds in the Apartments on Grace. Located off Main Street, these apartments are a combination of four-person and two-person units with residents in double rooms. Each unit has a kitchen, as well as a bathroom for each bedroom. Your semester costs include internet, cable TV, all utilities, access to study lounges, and a variety of recreational areas.

83% of JMU Students Agree/Strongly Agree that they are satisfied with their overall on-campus living experience.

Agree/Strongly Agree that they believe that the programs in their residence halls have had a positive impact on their learning experience at JMU.

Agree/Strongly Agree that when they want to study, they find the atmosphere in their residence hall to be conductive.

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