Emergency Repairs

An emergency is anything which would pose a threat to the health or safety of a resident or could cause damage to the facilities.

Do one of the following to request an Emergency Repair:

    • Contact your RA, Hall Director or House Manager instead of placing an on-line maintenance request.
    • Call for Emergency Maintenance (after business hours & on weekends)
      • Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm: call Business Operations call (540) 568-7576
      • Monday - Friday after 5 pm and weekends: call Work Control (540) 568-6101
    • Examples of emergency maintenance requests are:
      • No heat
      • No power
      • Flooding
      • Shattered Windows
      • Doors not securing
      • Anything that does not meet this criteria or does not pose a threat to the health or safety of a resident can be entered through our maintenance request system at the following link:
  • Submit a Maintenance Request 


To Report an Issue with:

  • Laundry Equipment
    • Call Caldwell-Gregory at 1-800-927-9274.
    • Place an “out of order” sign on the machine.
    • To request a refund if you used your JACard, email busops@jmu.edu. If cash was used, contact Caldwell-Gregory for a refund.
  • Cable, Phone, or Data Port
  • Vending Machines
    • Call Vending Services at 540-568-6363
  • Mailboxes (Grace Street Residents only)


If you have any questions concerning your request, please call ORL Business Operations at (540)568-7576 or email busops@jmu.edu.

Routine maintenance requests are usually completed within 3-5 days.
Emergency maintenance requests are usually completed within 24 hours.

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