Emergency Repairs

An emergency is anything which would pose a threat to the health or safety of a resident or could cause damage to the facilities.

Do one of the following to request an Emergency Repair:

  • Contact your RA, Hall Director, or House Manager instead of placing an online maintenance request.
  • Call for Emergency Maintenance (after business hours & on weekends)
    • Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm: call Business Operations call (540) 568-7576
    • Monday - Friday after 5 pm and weekends: call Work Control (540) 568-6101
  • Examples of emergency maintenance requests are:
    • No heat
    • No power
    • Flooding
    • Shattered Windows
    • Doors not securing
    • Anything that does not meet this criteria or does not pose a threat to the health or safety of a resident can be entered through our maintenance request system at the link below.

Concerns about mold in your room? Information can be found here.

Other Contact Info

Contact these departments for issues with:

  • Laundry Equipment
    • Call Caldwell-Gregory at 1-800-927-9274.
    • Place an “out of order” sign on the machine.
    • To request a refund if you used your JACard, email busops@jmu.edu. If cash was used, contact Caldwell-Gregory for a refund.
  • Cable, Phone, or Data Port
  • Vending Machines
    • Call Vending Services at 540-568-6363
  • Mailboxes (Grace Street Residents only)


If you have any questions concerning your request, please call ORL Business Operations at (540)568-7576 or email busops@jmu.edu.

Routine maintenance requests are usually completed within 3-5 days.
Emergency maintenance requests are usually completed within 24 hours.

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