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Most years, a number of temporary assignments are made by assigning three students to double occupancy rooms called temporary triples. These rooms come with complete sets of furniture, including a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet or wardrobe, for all three residents. Residence Life has utilizes temporary triples for incoming first year students because every year a number of students commit to JMU and complete a housing contract but later do not attend the university. 

As space becomes available, we will offer students in a temporary triple room the opportunity to be reassigned.  Whenever possible, students will be offered a space in the same building or a nearby building, although this is not always available.  Prior to move in, Residence Life will select one of the three students in the room to be moved and contact that student via JMU e-mail and phone to inform them of their new assignment. The other two students will be notified via e-mail that their room has been de-tripled, and they are now assigned to a regular double.   

If we are not able to de-triple a room prior to the start of the semester, students should plan to move into the triple space on their assigned move in day. As space becomes available, we will offer students in temporary triple rooms the opportunity to detriple. If the students need assistance with the decision as to who will move, they are encouraged to contact their Resident Adviser (RA) or Hall Director (HD) to help them discuss their options. A student cannot be “voted out” of the room or forced to accept a reassignment offer. 

The first reassignment offer may be declined. In doing so, the triple will move to the end of the list of rooms to be detripled. Declining a reassignment offer will result in waiving eligibility of any rebate for all members of the temporary triple. It is important, therefore, that all residents agree to decline the offer. The reassignment offer will be made to all three residents via the students’ JMU e-mail. Each resident must decline the offer by replying to the e-mail message.

If tripled students have not received an reassignment offer by Tuesday, September 10 at 5:00 pm, each resident will be eligible for a $275 housing rebate. If tripled students have not received a reassignment offer by Tuesday, October 22 at 5:00 pm, each resident will be eligible for an additional $300 housing rebate. Tripled students who have not received a reassignment offer by Tuesday, November 27 at 5:00 pm will be eligible for an additional $330 housing rebate. Rebates will automatically be credited to student’s JMU account within 10 business days. For more information about refunds to student accounts, please visit the  university busines office's website.

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