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First-Year Student Online Room Selection

For 2022-2023, First Year students will be able to select their room in July during Online Room Selection. Room Selection Timeslots are based on when you pay your enrollment deposit, so pay your deposit as early as possible. In addition, you must sign the 2022-2023 Housing Contract to participate in Online Room Selection. The deadline to sign your housing contract through the Online Housing System was May 31, please ensure you have completed this step.

Room Selection Dates and Deadlines:

July 1: Deadline to add a roommate to a roommate group

July 7: Timeslots for room selection will be sent to your @dukes email by 5:00 p.m. and information on Proxy form

July 11-22: Room Selection!

Housing Accommodations:

If you required a housing accommodation for a medical or disability reason and have not gone through the approval process, requests were due to the Office of Disability Services by June 15, 2022. Not all of our residence halls have air conditioning in the bedrooms, so you must go through this process if you require air conditioning due to a medical condition. Please download the Housing Accommodation Form and return the completed form to:

Housing Request Committee
James Madison University
MSC 1009 / Student Success Center, Suite 1202
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Questions about housing accommodations can be sent to  

Returning Student Online Room Selection

Returning student online room selection has already occured for 2022-23! Please contact the Office of Residence Life with any questions or concerns.

First Year Student Online Room Selection FAQS

Important Dates
  • July 1, 2022: Deadline to add a roommate to a roommate group by noon
  • July 7, 2022: Timeslots for room selection will be sent to your @dukes emails by 5:00 p.m. and information on Proxy form
  • July 11-22, 2022: Room Selection!
Available Spaces

Available Spaces

It’s important for students to understand that the Office of Residence Life cannot guarantee your ability to select a specific building, regardless of when you signed your contract.

  • Bluestone: Logan, Hoffman, Spotswood, and Wayland
  • Hillside: Bell, Hillside, and McGraw-Long
  • Lake: Eagle and Shorts
  • Skyline: Chesapeake, Chandler, Shenandoah and floors 1-3 of Paul Jennings
  • Tree Houses: Cedar, Dogwood and Magnolia
  • Village: Chappelear, Dingledine, Frederikson, Garber, Hanson, Huffman, Ikenberry, Weaver and White
  • Double Rooms: Most available rooms for first year students are double rooms, so unless you have a Housing Accommodation for a single room, you will have a roommate next year.
  • Triple Rooms: There are a small number of triple rooms available in Chandler, Chesapeake, and Hillside Halls.  These rooms are designed for three residents, so they are slightly larger than typical double rooms.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of students who require a single as an approved housing accommodation through the Office of Disability Services, there will not be any single rooms available during Online Room Selection for 2022-2023.

Roommate Information

The deadline to select a roommate/create a roommate group was Friday July 1 at noon.

One individual will need to create a Roommate Group with in the Online Housing System. This will make them the Group Leader. When someone creates a Roommate Group, they create a group name and password that should be shared with all roommates. Once the group leader has shared the group name and password with their roommate, that individual needs to log into the Online Housing System to join the group. The Group Leader then needs to confirm that this individual can join the group. Students can also invite other students to join their group. The individual who is invited must confirm that they wish to join the group. All roommates must be confirmed members of the Roommate Group in order to be pulled into the room by the individual who selects the room.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot be in more than one Roommate Group, and you cannot create a new Roommate Group if you are already in one. You will have to leave your original Roommate Group in order to join or create a new Roommate Group.

No, while you can select your roommates during the selection process, you cannot select your suitemates.

No. Any member of the Roommate Group can assign a space to everyone in the group. It is recommended that the group member with the earliest room selection timeslot be in charge of completing Online Room Selection for all group members.

Room Selection Timeslot

All students who have a signed Housing Contract will recieve an email on July 7, 2022 by 5:00 p.m. with there Room Selection Timeslot, which is the date and time a student will be able to select their room.

Room Selection Timeslots are assigned based on when you paid your deposit.

You will log into the Online Housing System during your Room Selection Timeslot, click on “Room Selection” and follow the instructions on the screen. A video tutorial and written instructions will also be sent in the week prior to First Year Room Selection.

The general rule is the earlier the room selection timeslot, the more building and room options will be available. So, if you are living with someone, it makes sense that the person with the earliest room selection timeslot logs in to select a room for next year.

Room selection timeslots are non-transferable. Therefore, if you are unable to access the Online Housing System during your assigned time, you can submit a Proxy Form and the Office of Residence Life can pick a space on your behalf. Proxy forms are available on the Online Housing System (more information will be sent via email after timeslots are sent out on July 7). Forms must be submitted no less than 24 hours before your appointment time.

You can log into Online Room Selection beginning at your timeslot. You can continue logging into the system until you have chosen a room or the system closes.

Special Groups

If you have an approved housing accommodation for a room with air-conditioning, you will still select a room. A room with air conditioning will be available during your timeslot. It is your resposibility to select the proper room. If your roommate will be the individual selecting the room for your group, please make sure they are aware of this accommadation. 

If you have a housing accommodation for a single room and/or a private bathroom, you will be contacted by the Office of Residence Life as your assignment will be made by the housing office.

Yes, you will select a room in Shenandoah Hall on July 11 as long as you have indicated to the Honors College or Office of Residence Life by July 1 that you wish to live in Shenandoah Hall as part of the Honors College.  Non-honors roommates will be pulled into that room with them. 

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