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THRIVE seeks to pair diverse and underrepresented graduate students with a variety of mentoring opportunities. Current students have identified a strong need to connect with mentors from shared backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, to help learn and grow through those meaningful interactions.

Mentoring relationships are uniquely powerful experiences, both for the mentor and the mentee. A signficant goal of THRIVE is to act as a conduit to help facilitate the introduction to mentorship opportunities. We hope to build a dynamic environment for our students who might not have these type of mentoring opportunities available within their programs of study.

If you are interested in learning what's involved with becoming a mentor, we are excited to talk with you.

You can contact us at our office in Madison Hall, room 4079, email us at, or call us (540) 568-7275 or 5718.

Help us make a difference for our graduate students from diverse or underrepresented perspectives! Help us THRIVE!

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