The Help Desk was created so that the Graduate School can manage graduate program requests in a systematic way. This system will allow us to address your concerns, set priorities, and make it more likely that all necessary steps will be taken when we receive a request. After you submit a ticket, you will receive periodic updates by e-mail and we’ll let you know when your request has been completed.

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The current service areas are as follows:


Having issues finding an application or necessary documents? Would you like to change how Admit operates? Need help navigating? Would you like additional training. Use this option for anything Admit specific.

Responsible: Liz Rose

Overview web page changes

TGS maintains an “overview page” for each program. Use this option if you would like to update or change your program’s overview page or if you would like to suggest other changes to the TGS website. Remember that if you change any pages your program maintains we may need to update TGS pages and links as well. Help us to make the information consistent.

Responsible: Cheryl Doss

Personnel Changes

New graduate program director starting soon? Is someone leaving? Let us know when the change will occur, what access is needed. Will the leaving party still need access as an evaluator? Program Director or Administrative Assistant changes impact multiple areas in TGS so when you enter a personnel change ticket, the information will be shared with everyone at TGS.

Responsible: Cheryl Doss, Liz Rose, Beth Johnson, Lynette Michael, Tami Senger

Program Admission Requirements Changes

Has your program changed its application deadline? Admission requirements?

Responsible: Beth Johnson, Lynette Michael


Do you need assistance with recruiting? Would you like to send e-communications to your prospective applicants?

Responsible: Cheryl Doss

Term Change Request

If you have an accepted student and they want to grant permission to allow them to defer to a future term or change start term.

Responsible: Liz Rose, Beth Johnson

If your request covers multiple areas, state that in your description. Simply submit 1 ticket that contains all of the info. TGS will make sure all of your requests are addressed. When your requests have been completed you will receive an e-mail from “Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automation,” letting you know the status.

Please provide as much information as necessary for us to address your issue or make your change. You may attach documents to the request. Screenshots are often very helpful.

Upgrading a student from conditional to unconditional, change of program, and change of concentration requests will need to continue to be processed using the forms located on our website.

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