In partnership with the Office of Research and Scholarship, and the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Graduate School is excited to announce the opportunity for faculty engaged in grant sponsored activities to apply for instate tuition support for graduate student research assistants.

The Research Assistant Program is designed to provide instate graduate tuition support for faculty who have received grant funding that includes stipend support for graduate students employed as research assistants.  Graduate research assistants must be full time graduate students in good academic standing.  Research assistants are eligible to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, and may not combine their research assistantship with a GA or TA position.

Faculty interested in supporting their research activities with a graduate research assistant should seek grant funding that allows for research assistant(s). Once your grant application is submitted through the Office of Sponsored Programs, you can complete a Graduate Research Assistant - Tuition Application and submit it for consideration to the Office of Research and Scholarship.

Applications should by submitted by January 31st for programs funded for the next academic year, to insure available funding from the Graduate School.  However, we encourage RA tuition applications to be submitted in combination with grant applications, so that ORS and TGS can gauge how many potential RA positions have been applied for.

For information on available grants, please refer to the Office of Sponsored Programs

For information on the Tuition Assistance application process, please contact the Research, Economic Development and Innovation (REDI)

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