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Please submit your FINAL proposal materials at least 5 business days prior to your deadline to avoid delays or missed submissions.

Our Mission

To enhance and facilitate the ability of faculty, staff, and students to develop and achieve their goals in research, educational programming, and service delivery through successful competition for external funding. Additionally, to provide excellect comprehensive service in sponsored program post-award administration to the JMU community. This mission is accomplished while maintaining responsible stewardship of extramural sponsored projects as directed by the values of our office, the University and the applicable federal, state, and agency regulations and policies.


To serve the University in the pursuit of resources to augment scholarly, educational, research, and public service activities to benefit, faculty, staff and students.


Superior customer service

Responsible stewardship of resources 

Transparency, integrity and honesty

Effectiveness: producing high quality with available resources

Inclusiveness: fostering interactions based on respect and diversity of viewpoints

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