1. View Your Admission Decision

Individuals who have applied for admission to a graduate program at James Madison University will see an admission letter on their Activity Page. For some students, there will be a supplemental letter on this page from your graduate program that can be viewed as an item on your “checklist.”

If there is anything you need to do to be “unconditionally admitted,” the conditions will be listed in your admission letter.

Most students will receive an email that will prompt you to go to your Activity Page to view your decision. If you were not recommended for admission at this time, that decision will appear on your Activity Page as well.

2. Accept Your Offer of Admission:

If you were accepted to a Graduate Program at James Madison University, we encourage you to accept your offer of admission on your Activity Page. If you would like to attend but you are not sure if you can because you need a graduate or doctoral assistantship offer or other financial aid, please accept your offer of admission. You will qualify for more financial aid options after you accept your offer of admission. We can help international students with visa applications only after they accept admission offers.

3. After Accepting Your Offer:

Once you have accepted the offer, you will receive an email to the address used on your application to create a Dukes email account. Please set up your Dukes email account as soon as possible and check regularly for all official JMU correspondence.

If you were offered a Graduate or Doctoral Assistantship, or a JMU Scholarship, please be aware of the CGS Resolution. You should be allowed to delay your acceptance decision until April 15 for any institution listed on this form. 

If you are not sure you can begin as planned, please contact the director of your graduate program and Lynette Michael (michaeld@jmu.edu), and ask if your admission can be deferred to a future term.

International students who are not citizens of the United States will need a visa to participate in an in-person graduate program. Students needing a visa (F-1) should calculate their anticipated Tuition and Living Costs to assist in processing your visa application. If you need assistance, please contact ISSS@jmu.edu. Graduate assistantship awards substantially contribute to the funds needed to cover your expenses and should be included in your calculations. Consult your program for a possible graduate assistantship positions or apply for assistantship position on campus at JMU Jobs.

Your Next Steps:

Now that you have accepted your offer, please visit the Graduate Student Orientation webpage for details regarding orientation, the new student checklist, and other required student expectations.

View Graduate School Orientation

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