The JMU academic calendar is based on the semester system. The unit of credit is the credit hour. Each credit represents the combination of in-class and out-of-class work. At the graduate level of study, students need to be enrolled in 9 credit hours per semester to obtain F-1 or J-1 immigration status.

1. Tuition costs

Confirm your program's tuition rate here. Credits required each semester varies by program, please consult with your program to determine the minimum number of credits for each semester.

Tuition varies by program, most programs have the same rate of $1,291 per credit hour for the 2024-25 academic year.

The following programs have special tution rates:  Applied Nutrition, Athletic Training, Computer Science, Counseling & Supervision, Environmental Sustainability & Management, MBA, Master's of Nursing (Administrator, Clinical Nurse Leader concentrations), Doctor of Nursing Practice, Occupational Therapy, and Physician Assistant. 

2. Estimated living expenses and fees

$17,080 (two academic semesters of additional fees*)

$3,000 in living expenses for summer (this amount will vary based on lifestyle)

3. Tuition waivers

Students who apply for and receive a graduate assistantship may have some or all of tuition waived. Tuition waivers cover 9 credit hours per semester. Students who enroll in more than 9 credit hours will will be financially responsible for the additional tuition.

4. Graduate assistantship stipend

From $9,816 to $19,277 per semester.

Students who apply for and receive a graduate assistantship typically receive a stipend in addition to the tuition waiver. Stipend amounts vary.

Learn more

5. Other funding
Students should demonstrate other sources of funding including: personal funds, scholarships, etc.
6. Estimated total costs (for one year)
Follow the steps to calculate your estimated tuition and living costs needed:
Estimated tuition (step 1)
   plus estimated living expenses and fees (step 2)
   less possible tuition waivers (step 3)
   less GA stipend you may receive (step 4)
   less other available funding (step 5)
EQUALS your estimated tuition and living costs.
*In addition to your estimated tuition costs, you will need to show proof of funding for other fees and expenses (housing, health insurance, food, transportation, etc.) in order to receive your I-20 Form to apply for your F-1 student visa. The estimated amount for the additional fees is $8,540 per semester. Learn more.

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