Do you believe that we should help qualified and well-motivated students achieve their educational goals?  Should public universities make educational experience accessible to students regardless of their backgrounds and socioeconomic condition?  These are values that are embraced by JMU Graduate School.  Demonstrate your commitment to social equity by contributing to our new scholarship program during Giving Day. 

Advancing Intelligent Minds (AIM) is a new scholarship program developed by the JMU Graduate School.  Donations to AIM will support brilliant students from groups that are currently under-represented in the academic field in which the students study.  The fund supports students whose backgrounds or socio-economic condition create barriers to the achievement of their tremendous potential. Donations to AIM will have an immediate impact.  Together we can make dreams possible for these students.

The AIM Scholarship is one of many ways in which donors to the Graduate School may contribute to graduate education at JMU.  Contributions to our General Fund make it possible for us to support many other opportunities for students.  

Additionally this year, contributions to our General Fund helped the Graduate School provide support for 66 graduate students from 25 different programs to travel to professional conferences to share their scholarly and creative work with their disciplinary communities.  Students often regard these opportunities among the most meaningful experiences of their graduate years.  Often they network during these meetings with professionals in their fields and this open doors for post-graduation professional opportunities.

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