Congratulations to the graduates who received awards for best presentations, both slide presentations and poster presentations. The graduate school also wishes to commend those who took part in the presentations. Winners of both The Showcase of Graduate Student Research and Creative Activity (Aka: Grad Showcase), and the annual Graduate School awards, can be viewed here

Graduate Student Association (GSA) News

Take the lead and Join the GSA Executive Team! The executive board is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Chair, and Program Representative Liaison. A description of each role here. Please reach out to for questions.

Lending Library - Items that Grads can borrow. Learn more info here

Grad Handbook - We are calling for ideas here to include in the new online GSA Grad Handbook. The Google form has more information on details. 

Events and Activities

Attend the Furious Flower IV Poetry Event: Celebrating the Worlds of Black Poetry. All JMU faculty, staff, and students have FREE access to this once-in-a-decade opportunity! Please register in advance here using your JMU email (only or will be accepted in this form; all others will be rendered invalid and removed). The conference will be September 18-21, 2024 right here at JMU. For more information about the history of the conference, registration, and guaranteed attendees, visit our website:

Take a Researcher to Lunch! (Formally known as Take Your Professor to Lunch or Coffee program) This initiative supports graduate students seeking a research adviser and/or a research program to reach out to a professor and have lunch or coffee with them sponsored by STAIR. The Spring semester application deadline is June 15More Information

See JMU Master Events Calendar here.

Funding, Scholarships and Fellowships

Looking for a Graduate Assistantship or a Campus Job? Depending on your full-or part-time status and program of study, graduate students may be eligible to apply for graduate assistantships, student positions, and staff/wage positions. Search JMU Jobs

Scholarships can be found on The Graduate School website.

Enrich Your Life

Looking for Something Fun to Read? Check out best-sellers, award winners, graphic novels, and more in the Fun Reads and Movies Guide from JMU Libraries.

Read Magazines for Free with Flipster! Explore 65 magazines online with Flipster—no subscriptions, physical copies, or recycling needed! Read entire magazines cover to cover, including images, ads, comics, and even crosswords. You can flip through, search for something specific, or even share content with others!

JMU X-Labs Open Lab! The Lab is an innovative space that ignites creativity. JMU students, faculty and staff are all empowered to bring their ideas to life in this design-thinking studio. Our collaborative atmosphere also allows for consulting and prototyping assistance, making it the perfect breeding ground for entrepreneurial endeavors. We’re ready to give you the support you need to make your ideas a reality. Unleash your potential at The Lab!

Keep abreast of Research Development Opportunities by subscribing to the JMU Research Development notice board. A full description of the events can be found here

Places to study while Carrier Library is closed. While Carrier Library is closed for renovation and expansion, you still have four library locations to use, and dozens of buildings with study space all over campus! Check out this list of the top 15 places to study or work in JMU Libraries. There’s also a new JMU study spaces map that includes a wide range of buildings! Just select a pin to start reading about study spaces in each building.

Free access to New York Times and more. Did you know you have access to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal for free through JMU Libraries subscriptions? See our full list of news-related databases or learn more about Libraries services for grad students.

Join the Graduate Student Association (GSA). All JMU graduate students are considered members of the GSA. The GSA promotes interdisciplinary unity among JMU graduate students through social events, career-building workshops and professional
development grants. For questions email

University Career Liaison. The University Career Center's Graduate School liaison Alyssa Hawley is a great resource to assist you with resume review and career preparation. Check out University Career Services for Graduate Students or contact Alyssa for more information.

Campus and Community Student Resources. Campus and community resources available to
support students’ basic needs can be found at the Student Support Hub, a website that will connect you
to food, financial assistance, housing and other resources. These resources will help you thrive at JMU.

Read the Chronical of Higher Education for Free! Looking for a source for higher education news, trends and job openings? You can read The Chronicle of Higher Education for free through JMU Libraries subscriptions! 

Military-Connected Students. JMU VALOR provides all military-connected students with
resources for success. More information

Need Food or Hygiene Items? Check out The Pantry in Taylor Down Under (The Union), room 112.
Shop in-person or place orders through The Pantry app, available in the Apple and Android stores. Use
the app to select the curbside pickup option or rapid pickup in The Pantry. The Pantry is open Mon 12-6
pm and Tues-Thurs 12-5 pm. Available to all students, no questions asked!

Mental Health Resources. The JMU Counseling Center is available to all students and they have
made available TimelyCare, 24/7 access to mental health professionals. More Information

Tips from The Graduate School

Study Space for Graduate Students Only. The Graduate Professional Development Center (AKA: Grad Lounge) is a dedicated study space for graduate students, located on the fourth floor of Holland Yates Hall. It is open 8 am - 5 pm. Need more time to study free of interruption? You can fill out an After-Hours form and submit it to The Graduate School for after-hours access. Find form here.

Dates and Deadlines. Keep up with important dates and deadlines by bookmarking the Academic Calendar.

The Student Handbook. The Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (OSARP) has published an updated version of the 2023-2024 JMU Student Accountability Process and Standards of Conduct Handbook. The updates made were revisions to procedures to enhance clarity and update procedure regarding rationales in the Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct processes. It is the responsibility of every student to know and follow the policies outlined in the JMU Student Handbook along with federal, state, and local laws. Student Handbook

Graduate Policies. You are responsible to read and follow the graduate policies set forth in the
Graduate Catalog. Important information regarding degree progress, including rules for successful
progression and continuous enrollment are also on the Graduate School website.

Approval of a Thesis or Dissertation Committee. Students who are completing these sorts
of projects must submit a signed approval form to The Graduate School by the second week of the
semester in which the student first registers for thesis or dissertation credits. Approval form

Monitor Your Dukes Email Account! Official information is sent to each student’s official
Dukes e-mail account. Check your e-mail account on a regular basis.

Monitor MyMadison! The Student Center in MyMadison is where you will find advising
information, register for classes, and where you can view “To Do Items” that will keep you on track
towards graduation. Use the Student Center to update your mailing address and cell phone number. It is
your responsibility to maintain accurate contact information. Check your account regularly. Don’t miss
important information!


Please contact the appropriate staff member with your question.

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