International Week Opening Day on the Commons

Wondering where to find the nearest food market or dining options? What are the public transportation options and schedule? What are the cellular service and banking options? What resources are available on campus to assist in the first weeks of classes and beyond? On this page, find links to a variety of campus and community resources.

The first two weeks

Information regarding resources needed during the first two weeks after arriving in Harrisonburg can be found here.


T-Mobile (formerly Sprint)


Boost Mobile

Settling in your new home

This information may be helpful to you as you settle in to your new home. Here you find details regarding getting your driver's license, immigration, and financial resources.

A driver's license is required to operate a motor vehichle in the United States. Each state in the United States issues a driver's license that permits operating a vehicle anywhere in the United States. More information on preparing for and obtaining your driver license can be found here.

Resources are available to assist in funding your education. 

Scholarship information

Graduate assistantship

Other options

Information regarding your visa status and SEVIS registration details can be found in the links below.

Immigration overview

SEVIS registration

Finding academic success

Resources are available in multiple areas to assist students while in graduate school. See the links below to learn more.

JMU follows a honor code that covers what is acceptable academic behavior in the US education system.  Read the Honor Code.

What is considered original thought and ideas versus presenting other ideas and writing as your own, understand plagiarism.
Canvas is the online tool JMU students use to manage courses.
Students who need accommodation and accessibility services to overcome barriers and succeed in their course work, please visit ODS webpage.

The Student Handbook provides everything a student needs to know about code of conduct, accountability processes, alcohol and drug information, and many other policies.


Information technology is essential for students to access courses, communicate, research, etc. IT Home provides all the necessary details to navigate JMU online. Find information about computing labs here.
Building community

Find peers who match your lifestyle, faith/spiritual beliefs, or other interests.

Here you will find services to support and advocate you in the areas of racial equity, intersectionality, and effective allyship. CMSS has a list of many student organizations for you to find peers.
Office of Student Life will help you find your place on campus and in our community.
SOGIE promotes diversity, support, advocacy, and equity for all students, inclusive of all sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.
Off-Campus Life offers support to students with information about housing, financial literacy, the food pantry, and other events.
For information to meet your faith and spirtual needs, please visit International Student Scholar Services:  Faith and Spirituality webpage.
CGE supports international students and scholars through educational and community engagement.
The GSA is a student-led and student-run organization that provides professional and social opportunities to past, current and future graduate students.
Professional development

Take advantage of opportunities to begin and continue your professional development through offices and services provided at JMU.

iCareer provides international students opportunities for informative discussions, presentations, and strategies to showcase diversity and unique skill set on their academic/career path.
The Cohen Center for the Humanities supports graduate students in professional development through podcasts, travel grants, guest speakers, etc.
Graduate students can find support in preparing to enter the workforce through assistance with job search, resume and interview preparation, professional attire, etc. at the University Career Center.

Find miscelleanous support for the areas below.

Find out when classes begin/end and when holiday breaks are on the acadmic calendar.
Get all your questions answered regarding tuition and billing at the University Business Office.
For international students, filing taxes in the United States can be confusing and daunting, F-1 students can get help here to make it easier.
Learn more and get answers to your questions regarding the financial assistance opportuntiy of graduate assistantships.

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