• Many students at JMU choose to purchase a parking pass in order to park on campus. If you choose to do this, familiarize yourself with which parking lots you are able to park in at what times to avoid getting a ticket.
  • Parking at JMU is limited. Even with a parking permit, you are not guaranteed a parking spot.

Bus System:

  • JMU students are able to ride Harrisonburg buses for free. There are many bus routes that are convenient for students from apartment complexes to campus and from one side of campus to the other, so it is easy to catch a ride. This may be a good alternative to driving especially when parking is limited. Download the NextBus app to help you know when the bus you want to catch is coming.


  • Many students at JMU bike to class. Harrisonburg is friendly to cyclists and JMU has many bike racks on campus.

Public Safety:

  • There are many resources on campus to help keep you safe. Sign up for emergency alerts through MyMadison to get information from the police department at JMU.
  • SafeRides is a student-run organization on campus to provide free rides for students at night. Utilize this service when you need help getting home safely.

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