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New Graduate Student Checklist

After you have accepted your offer of admission, it is recommended that you complete the following:

  • Check your to-do list on MyMadison.
    • After you have accepted your offer of admission visit the student tab on MyMadison to check your to-do list. Log in with the same e-ID that was used to check the status of your application. For assistance with your e-ID, visit the computing helpdesk.
  • Complete Immunization Form.
  • Check your "Dukes" email account.
    • Make sure you are able to log in to your JMU student email account. Visit the computing email page for more information on how to access your account.
  • Check with your department.
    • There may be department paperwork, a program specific orientation, or other departmental events you are expected to attend or complete.
  • Register and pay for classes.
    • Course registration is department specific. Depending on the department, you may need to register for classes soon after you receive your e-ID and password or you may be able to wait until the start of the semester in August. Please contact your graduate department directly for assistance with course registration. You will register for classes through MyMadison in the student center. For general information on how to register for classes, review the MyMadison tutorials.
    • After registering for classes, be sure to check M3 - My Student Account to pay tuition. This page can be found by going to MyMadison, navigating to the Student tab on the left side of the screen, clicking the "Student center" button, and then clicking "M3 - My Student Account" under MyAccount".
  • Obtain your JACard (student ID).
    • Card services is located in the Student Success Center. Visit the card services page for more information on how to obtain your JACard.
  • Review the Honor Code tutorial and take the test.
    • Since fall 2006, all incoming freshmen, transfer and graduate students are required to complete the JMU Honor Code tutorial and test. The intent of this requirement is to increase individual student awareness regarding the JMU honor code and honor council. You must complete the tutorial and test to receive your transcripts and diploma, and it is recommended that you keep a copy/record of your completion of the test as some programs require this record to allow you to graduate. To fulfill this requirement, visit the Honor Code Test page. Visit their frequently asked questions page
  • Ensure that you have a plan to get to classes.
  • Check with your Graduate Assistantship.
    • If you will be working a graduate assistantship, keep an eye out for emails from both your assistantship supervisor and the Office of Student Employment (Student Success Center, 5th Floor) to ensure that you have submitted the necessary materials to be able to begin work. If you do not see any emails, reach out and confirm that no further materials (identification, financial, etc.) are needed. 

Still have questions? Please contact the Graduate School or other JMU offices at one of the numbers or email addresses listed below.

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