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There are many resources available to you as a graduate student to help you succeed. Take the time to explore the information and resources available to you!

  • JMU GradSuccess
    • The new GradSuccess website will be an essential resource to you throughout your graduate career at JMU. It has information relevant to your academic, professional and personal success as a graduate student.
  • Scholarly Documents (Thesis and Dissertation)
    • If you are completing a thesis, dissertation, DMA document, MFA document, or Ed.S. project as part of your graduate career, the following resources will be essential to the completion of your document. Review the scholarly document manual now so you are prepared for the steps you need to follow when completing your document. Continue to refer to the thesis/dissertation page while working on your document. Additionally, after you submit your committee approval form, you will be added to a Canvas course specifically for thesis/dissertation. This Canvas course will be used to communicate deadlines, give you access to the forms you need, and provide information about formatting workshops. Take advantage of this page when working on your document.
  • Libraries
    • Take the time to get to know the resources available to you at the library early on in your graduate career as they will be essential to your success.
  • Career and Academic Planning (CAP)
    • CAP is available to help you with your resume, CV or cover letter as well as many other services online or by appointment. Take advantage of the services they provide to help you prepare for your future career.
  • The Learning Centers
    • Located in the Student Success Center, the learning centers are available to all graduate students for free tutoring, help with writing, preparation for public speaking, note taking and studying strategies as well as several other areas. Take advantage of their services to help you succeed.
  • Office of Disability Services
    • If you think you may qualify for assistance from the Office of Disability Services, contact them before beginning your graduate career. They are available to help you succeed.

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