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As a new student at JMU, you are required by Virginia law to submit specific information about immunizations and complete a TB screening.  JMU does NOT require a physical exam, but you must comply with the immunization requirement and TB screening. For students starting Fall semester, this is due by July 8If you haven’t sent your information yet, please do so right away. We are continuing to process forms and will issue holds on Aug. 12 which means you will not be able to make changes to your class schedule and will not be able to register for future classes until the information is provided. A $50 fine will be placed on Sept. 9 for any that are still incomplete at that time.

View this video for step-by-step instructions. It is mandatory that you complete the following steps and that they are confirmed by UHC before you attend classes.

For students starting Spring semester, this is due by December 13

 How to complete the required steps

  1. Go to The One Book website and click on the Immunization Form step. Print the form and have it completed and signed by a health care professional. If a different immunization form is used by your health care provider or you have a completed one from another college or university, it will be accepted in place of the JMU form.
  2. Log in to your MyJMUChart account to upload a scanned copy of the completed and signed immunization form, as well as a copy of your health insurance card if you have one:
    a) Most home printers will also scan documents
    b) Scan, then save the documents as PDFs
    c) Upload the PDF documents into MyJMUChart – it’s just like attaching a document to an email
  3. While in your MyJMUChart account, complete the required TB Assessment (which is only four questions) and the brief Health History (also four questions) under the “forms” tab.
  4. Upload a copy of the front and back of your insurance card. Please also manually enter the information. The Policy number requested is the ID number, the group number is not necessary. The information requested such as name, birthday, etc. is for the carrier of the insurance, which is the name that appears on the card (probably a parent, guardian or yourself).
  5. Instructions for using MyJMUChart (including screenshots) can be found here.

Again, ALL of these three steps are a requirement for attendance at JMU, and you are not considered compliant until a JMU Health Center staff member has verified the information. You will receive email confirmation or further instructions in a secure message accessed through your MyJMUChart account. PLEASE check your JMU email for communication from the JMU Health Center.

Failure to complete the above steps will result in a $50 fine and you will be prohibited from making additions or changes to your class schedule, and will not be allowed to register for any classes in future semesters. The hold will be issued on Aug. 12 and the fine will be placed on Sept. 9 for any that are still incomplete at that time.


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 Required Educational Programs

All students must complete the following educational programs:

  • AlcoholEdu
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergrads
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Grads

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Additional Resouces

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