Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is medicine taken to prevent getting HIV. PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV when taken as prescribed.

  • PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99%.
  • PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from injection drug use by at least 74%.

PrEP is less effective when not taken as prescribed. Since PrEP only protects against HIV, condom use is still important for the protection against other STDs. Condom use is also important to help prevent HIV if PrEP is not taken as prescribed.

Visit the CDC website for more information on PrEP.

JMU Health Center PrEP Treatment

JMU Health Center PrEP Treatment

This is a holistic approach to provide appropriate education as well as medical evaluation and intervention.  Below are the required steps, along with the potential costs:

  1. Complete the PrEP Screening form on MyJMUChart. Log into MyJMUChart, then select the JMU General Medicine and GYN Clinic. Then under the FORMS along the left tool bar choose the PrEP Screening form only.
  2. Call the Health Center Patient Care Coordinator at 540-568-7777 to review completed screening form and discuss initial evaluation (you may need to leave a message with information for a call back). 
  3. During the initial evaluation, if PrEP deemed appropriate, lab work will be completed as follows:
    1. 4th generation HIV antibody test with reflex
    2. Basic Metabolic panel
    3. STI testing based on completed questionnaire
    4. Syphilis
    5. Cost for the above tests will run $56-$96 (with potential for addition of $27-$77)
    6. Determine pharmacy of choice. Medication cost at UHC Pharmacy $21/month
  4. Once lab results are returned, medication will begin.
  5. Follow up appointments with provider at UHC will be required every 3 months once medication is started.
    1. HIV testing
    2. STI screening, as indicated
    3. Basic metabolic panel every 12 months, unless otherwise indicated.
    4. Cost for the above will run $25-$70 per visit(Currently Free)

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