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Founded in 2003, SafeRides is an entirely student-run FEB organization that offers free and safe rides home to JMU students on Friday and Saturday nights from 10PM-3AM.

Who SafeRides Serves

Each SafeRides member volunteers their time to provide free, safe, and nonjudgemental rides home to JMU students on Friday and Saturday nights. In addition to giving rides, SafeRides also work to educate the JMU and Harrisonburg community on the dangers of drinking and driving, through our events like ONOROL (One Night, One Ride, One Life) in the fall and Don't Blow It in the spring.

How SafeRides Works

SafeRides currently operates 6 JMU cars per Friday and Saturday night from 10pm-3am. Any and all JMU students are encouraged to call our office (540-JMU-RIDE) to request a ride home anytime between our listed times. Once your ride is processed in our office, you will be placed on the list for the nearest car to pick you up and take you to your destination. A JACard must be shown upon pick up, and we only drop off at places of residence. Due to large demand, students are only permitted to take one ride home per night.

Follow our Instagram @JMUSafeRides to learn more about operations, educational opportunities, and how to apply during our per-semester membership drives!


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