Why should I register my bicycle?

A bicycle registration provides proof of ownership. In order to register a bicycle you must have the bike and the serial number off of the bike. Other information that links you to the serial number and bicycle and is included in the registration is your name, address, student ID, and contact info.

If your bicycle is lost, stolen, or impounded, having your bicycle registered increases the probability that the police can return your bicycle to you. Additionally, it is more difficult to sell a stolen bicycle that has been registered. Sellers and purchasers are supposed to check the serial number before completing a transaction for a “used” bicycle.

Registering your bike also helps JMU track how many bicycles are on campus, allowing us to provide appropriate infrastructure, enough bike racks, and other programming.

Project 529
How do I register my bike?
I filled out the form online. Does that mean my registration is complete?

Bike registration is not complete until you have picked up a Project 529 registration sticker from Parking and Transit Services (located in Champions Parking Deck) and put the registration sticker on the top tube of your bike. The registration process creates a paper trail linking you and your bike. Each sticker has a unique number that assists in identification and return of lost or stolen bikes.

How does registering my bicycle improve my chances of getting my stolen bicycle back?

Project 529 is not only the registration system used by JMU, it is a national database. Law enforcement nationwide use this system. Bike shops that buy/sell used bikes also check bike registrations on bikes brought in for resale. Even if you lose a copy of your registration, all of the information is still available online, including any photos of your bike or optionally (even better) you with your bike.

Can my bike still be stolen if it is registered?

Yes, but if a Project 529 registration sticker is visible on the top tube it is less likely to be stolen because thieves will recognize the bike is registered, therefore harder to sell. The registration sticker is designed to be difficult to remove. Even if the sticker is removed, the thief would also have to remove the serial number. Removing a serial number usually involves filing/sanding it down, which is a sure sign a bike has been stolen. Registering a bike also provides a sign that you care about your bike and are more likely to report it stolen, thus alerting law enforcement.

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