There are several types of bus transportation services offered on the JMU campus. All of the buses at James Madison University are owned and operated by the City of Harrisonburg’s Department of Public Transportation. If you have questions or concerns about bus service you can contact the HDPT at 540-432-0492 or www.harrisonburgva.gov/contact-public-transportation. 

Need some help figuring out how to get where you need to go? The JMU Commuter Rideshare app can give you point-by-point instructions on how to get there.

Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation

Daily bus service on campus and within Harrisonburg going to/from campus is offered free by the Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation (HDPT). Students will recognize the Inner Campus Shuttle (ICS) as the bus service that runs all day on campus.

HDPT bus services and schedules can be found here.

HDPT uses the PassioGO! app, which provides real time locations of buses running. PassioGO! is available on desktop or mobile devices.

Brite Bus

Brite Bus is a commuter bus service that runs weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. JMU is on the BRCC North route, servicing Bridgewater, Staunton, and Blue Ridge Community College. Brite Bus is not run by JMU. It is a bus service that has a stop at JMU’s Godwin Transit Center. Brite Bus is open to the general public. All buses have bike racks on the front.

To get to the Staunton Amtrack – Take the Brite Bus BRCC North shuttle from JMU at Godwin Transit Center to BRCC, stay on the bus  for the South route, and take it into Staunton. Tell the driver you want to go to Amtrack. After the Staunton Hub at Lewis Street go 2 more stops to Johnson Street. Get off there. Walk to your left to Augusta Street. Turn right on Augusta Street and the Amtrack is ½ a block on the right.

It is possible to get to Charlottesville using Brite Bus. To do this you will need to combine several Brite Bus routes. For a full list of Brite Bus routes click https://www.britebus.org/bus-routes/

For detailed instructions for how to combine several Brite Bus routes to get to Charlottesville from JMU click here.

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