Scooters on Campus

Personal scooters are welcome on campus. Please park your scooter at a bike rack. Contact ORL about charging e-scooter batteries inside residence halls. Contact individual building managers about charging e-scooter batteries inside other buildings.

Visit the Student Handbook for policies about the usage of Skateboards and Similar Modes of Transportation

Bird Scooters

JMU does not have a contract with Bird. There is a Memorandum of Understanding between Bird and the City of Harrisonburg. Bird scooters are not allowed to be staged on campus. Riders should park scooters at bike racks. Never park a scooter in a way that obstructs pedestrian traffic, road traffic, or blocks an ADA ramp.

Instructions for Reporting Poorly Parked Bird Scooters

If you come across a poorly parked Bird scooter, use Community Mode in the free Bird app to report it. They’ll send someone out to clean it up. Riders can earn credits for regular reporting through the Bird Watchers program. Contact Bird for more info. Riders who are reported as being the last rider on a poorly parked Bird can have their accounts suspended by Bird.


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