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THRIVE is dedicated to providing meaningful support and growth opportunities for graduate students of diverse perspectives Towards a Healthy Responsive Inclusively Valued Environment.

Our goal is to further an inclusive JMU community that values underrepresented students and diverse perspectives, to insure that our students have the resources to thrive. The definition of Thrive is to grow vigorously, or to progress towards, or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. We believe this encapsulates the goals of the THRIVE Mission.

THRIVE is a multi-dimensional program that seeks to foster connections among diverse graduate student communities, offers unique mentorship opportunities, provides tailored programming to engage and advance diverse perspectives, and brings resources to bear to help advance students and the educational vision of James Madison University.


General Thrive meetings are held the last Thursday of the month in Madison Hall Room 4000 (The Graduate Student Lounge), time TBA.

Upcoming general THRIVE meetings: January 30, February 27, March 26 and April 30.

Upcoming Affinity Group Meetings
Madison Hall Room 4000
The Graduate Student Lounge

Wednesday, February 19:

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group - 5 pm
African American Affinity Group - 6 pm

Thursday, February 20: 

International Affinity Group - 5 pm
Asian American Affinity Group - 6 pm

Tuesday, February 25: 

Non-Traditional Affinity Group - 10:30 am
Hispanic Affinity Group - 5 pm
Biracial Affinity Group - 6 pm 


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