Art students that study abroad will be able to engage in another culture and foster the appreciation for cultures around the world. Students will have the ability to examine other techniques and practice them while providing them new experiences to express through art.

See the list of recommended study abroad programs below.  Please be aware that for any external or exchange study abroad programs listed, students will need to check with their academic department to see if courses taken while abroad will transfer and fulfill needed requirements.

JMU Programs

JMU offers several programs geared towards art majors.

Michelangelo's Italy - Summer

Dutch Design, Art, and the Humanities - Summer

JMU Exchange Programs

Kookmin University (South Korea) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

Kyung Hee University (South Korea) - Fall, Spring, or Full Academic Year

Other Related JMU Programs

JMU also offers many programs with facets of art, culture, and history which can provide a great foundation for the major.

Semester in Florence - Fall, Spring, Summer

Semester in Salamanca - Fall, Spring, Summer

Semester in London - Fall, Spring, Summer

JMU in LA - Summer

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