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Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan | Major: Computer Information Systems
Semester in Antwerp - Summer 2018

"The semester in Antwerp program has arguably been the most beneficial experience in my college career. Working with the Belgian professors and students has really opened my mind to the international business world and given me a deeper understanding of European culture and politics. The personal travel weekends were a definite plus of the program, as I got a glimpse into different cities across Europe and their respective cultures. Coming back to JMU, I will be ready to take on my major courses in the College of Business with a deeper understanding of the business world and a network of close friends within the college. This program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Paige Barlow
Paige Barlow | Major: Marketing
Semester in Antwerp - Spring 2018

"Studying abroad made me become more mature and taught me how to be more independent. It has also taught me that life begins once you step outside of your comfort zone. My favorite part of the program was traveling somewhere new every weekend because I got to see so much in Europe at once. Studying abroad has definitely enhanced my time at JMU. It has added so much intangible value to my college career that can only be achieved by participating in a program like the Semester in Antwerp. I recommend this program because it pushes you to excel in ways you don't realize and teaches you skills that can only be acquired through those experiences."

Kelly Stickell
Kelly Stickell | Major: Computer Information Systems
Semester in Antwerp - Summer 2017

"Antwerp is hands down the best way to take on COB 300. Europe essentially connects more than 20 countries together under one union and being able to not only learn about but experience this interconnected union is something that could never be taught in a classroom. If your best way to learn is to experience than I highly recommend the Antwerp program for COB 300. If I didn't study abroad I don't think I would be nearly as successful with my potential career path or even life, as I am now eager to head back to Europe as soon as I can."

James Walters
James Walters | Major: Management
Semester in Antwerp - Fall 2017

"This program taught me about myself and the world around me. While abroad, I became more independent and confident in things like international travel. I learned to embrace differences and to talk about them. I have been given a chance to see things through the eyes of others and I have developed an eagerness to continue to do so. A student should participate in this program because it gives them the opportunity to experience new things, step out of their comfort zone, and explore the world. The program provides opportunities to travel, visit companies, and learn simultaneously. Meanwhile, they are completing COB 300 and a European Business concentration."

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