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  • Leadership at Sea: Exploring Cultural Competency (Spring Break)

    Harvest Caye, New Orleans, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan, Belize, USA, Mexico, Honduras,

    One important factor in being an effective leader is having a high level of cultural competence. Cultural competency can be defined as the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures different than your own. With over 20 different nationalities represented in the workforce of one ship, the cruise industry is the perfect environment to observe intercultural...
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  • The Arts and Culture of Montréal

    Montréal, Quebec City, Canada

    This program offers courses that satisfy all three groups of Cluster II General Education (HUM, MUS, and ENG). Students may also take School of Music and jazz studies classes, working with professional musicians active on the Montréal scene. This is a city that loves to celebrate, and the summer season abounds with amazing and unique activities. Fulfill your Cluster II Gen Ed credits...
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  • Honors Seminar: Dominican Republic (Spring Break)

    Santo Domingo, Las Canas, Dominican Republic

    This course is offered during the spring semester and focuses on the concept of “global citizenship” in the context of an international service-learning trip. Students will travel to the Dominican Republic (DR) and engage in an intensive service-learning project. The course seeks to address definitions and issues of global citizenship, development and service, using the...
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  • Honors Winter Program in Dominican Republic

    Santo Domingo, Las Canas, Dominican Republic

    This program is designed to introduce students to cross-cultural studies using elements of Environmental Science as a theoretical framework. During this course, we are going to be visiting caves (commercial and non-commercial) in the Shenandoah Valley and the Dominican Republic. Students will also engage with the local community through service-learning projects. In addition, students will have...
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  • JMU Summer Program in New York

    New York, NY, USA

    This program is a six-credit, four-week intensive film boot camp in New York City. The program provides SMAD students the opportunity to spend three weeks in New York City and one week of online prep coursework prior to leaving for NYC. Each student will work in a group to write, direct, shoot and edit a short narrative film. Prior to leaving for New York City there is a required masterclass...
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  • JMU in LA: The Entertainment Industry

    Los Angeles, California, USA

    JMU in LA provides undergraduate and graduate students a chance to learn about and participate in one of the most powerful cultural forces in our world today: the entertainment industry.This is a highly competitive 10-credit summer program organized by the School of Media Arts and Design, but open to all rising juniors, seniors, and graduate students, regardless of their major. Students take...
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  • Wine and Culture of Napa and Sonoma

    Napa, Sonoma, California, USA

    Napa and Sonoma are the premier wine growing regions in the United States. The wines influence wines across the US and around the world. The ability to impressively learn about the wine, food, and culture that influence the region can only be fully accomplished by visiting. Students are able to visit wineries and speak with owners, visit growers and speak with the farmers, visit nurseries and...
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  • Covering the 2024 National Conventions: Milwaukee and Chicago

    Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL, USA

    Upcoming Information Session: Monday, October 16th 7:30pm-8:15pm Harrison Hall 0118 For media students and political junkies, this is an opportunity like no other. Instead of just watching history unfold at the 2024 Republican and Democratic national conventions, you’ll be in the middle of the action as fully credentialled journalists. You will report and produce stories to bring to life...
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  • The Music and Culture of Hawai'i

    O'ahu, Hawai'i, USA

    Info Sessions October 4, 6PM: Zoom October 9, 8PM: JMU School of Music Room 204 This program offers a single course that is cross-listed as MUS 200 and MUS 498. MUS 200 will satisfy 3 credits of students' Arts and Humanities General Education requirements in the Visual and Performing Arts area. MUS 498 can be counted for Music majors as an elective. This course will provide hands-on learning...
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  • Museum Studies in Washington, DC

    Washington, DC, USA

    This three-creidt program provides an extraordinary opportunity to study one Museum Studies course while living in Washington, DC. Students will visit world-class museums and arts institutions while experiencing the exhibition, gallery and auction culture of the nation's capital, one of the globe's leading centers for the arts. Learning will go well beyond a traditional JMU classroom, since...
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  • Mid-Atlantic (USA) Geology Field Camp

    Shenandoah Valley, Virginia Coastal Plain, Virginia Piedmont, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, USA

    The Mid-Atlantic (USA) Geology Field Course is the James Madison University Department of Geology and Environmental Science capstone course for geoscience majors. After completing the field course, you will be qualified to work for an industry, government, or academic employer who needs you to travel to an isolated field area, assess the local bedrock and surficial geology, natural resources,...
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  • CIS Consulting

    Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, British Columbia, USA, Canada

    This program provides an extraordinary opportunity to study one College of Business Computer Information systems (CIS) course while you are in the western US and Canada. You will visit businesses while experiencing the culture and history. Learning will go beyond a traditional JMU classroom, since you may have guest lectures on the local culture, language, history, technology, and you will be...
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