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  • JMU Summer in Ghana and Internship

    Accra, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Elmina, Ghana
    THE 4-WEEK SUMMER ABROAD PROGRAM: The 4-week Ghana program includes classroom lectures provided by our Ghanaian faculty partners, an afternoon of volunteer work at local NGOs and programs, and we travel to historic and cultural sites every weekend. All our activities are supported by academic readings and our JMU faculty leaders manage the discussions. Often, we also bring in local... Read More
  • Interdisciplinary Engagement at Madison Camp--Kenya

    Narok, Nairobi, Kenya
    Join us in exploring the magic of East Africa in this unique interdisciplinary program. This study abroad opportunity gives you a chance to gain cross cultural skills, make global friendships, meet personal and academic growth goals, and experience life in a much more focused, simplified, relational way. While you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone, you will also be rewarded... Read More
  • Ecology and Conservation in Madagascar

    Antananarivo, Ranomafana, Beza Mahafaly, Tulear, Madagascar
    In this program we will examine primate ecology, extinction and conservation in both the rainforests and dry forests of Madagascar. The primates of Madagascar are particularly special because, like so much of Madagascar's flora and fauna, the entire radiation of lemurs is found only in Madagascar. Students will learn about the origins, adaptations, threats and extinctions of Madagascar's... Read More
  • Interprofessional Field Study of US and Rwandan Services to At Risk Infants

    Harrisonburg, VA, Kigali, Muhanga, Rwanda
    The course of study is an interprofessional comparison of service delivery to at risk infants in both the US and Rwanda. Students from the College of Health and Behavioral Studies will focus on some key elements of infant development in each country to include nutrition, health, speech & hearing, and wellbeing. The beginning of the course will be taught online with four weeks of assignments... Read More
  • International Health: A Tanzanian Perspective

    Kilimanjaro, Shirati, Arusha, Tanzania
    This program will provide undergraduate, and graduate nursing students an opportunity for learning, clinical experiences and cultural enrichment in the vistas of Tanzania. Students will learn through active participation and engagement as they work in various health clinics and hospitals to gain an understanding of the health care delivery system and health conditions of populations in... Read More
  • East Africa Field School

    Multiple Areas, Tanzania, Kenya
    Designed to serve majors from many different disciplines, JMU’s East Africa Field School incorporates extensive travel, homestays, lectures/class discussions, readings, and a variety of other assignments to provide breadth and depth on the following: Kiswahili– an official language of Tanzania and Kenya Histories and Cultures– diversity of cultures in East Africa, colonial... Read More
  • American University in Cairo

    Cairo, Egypt
    The American University in Cairo was founded in 1919 by Americans devoted to education and service in the Middle East. Founding president, Dr. Charles A. Watson, wanted to create an English-language university based on high standards of conduct and scholarship and to contribute to intellectual growth, discipline, and character of the future leaders of Egypt and the region, as well as to improve... Read More

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