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  • Interprofessional Field Study of US and Rwandan Services to At Risk Infants

    Harrisonburg, VA, Kigali, Muhanga, Rwanda
    The course of study is an interprofessional comparison of service delivery to at risk infants in both the US and Rwanda. Students from the College of Health and Behavioral Studies will focus on some key elements of infant development in each country to include nutrition, health, speech & hearing, and wellbeing. The beginning of the course will be taught online with four weeks of assignments... Read More
  • Focusing on Sustainability with a Global Perspective in Tanzania

    Arusha, Shirati, Tanzania
    Tanzania, East Africa is considered to be the “Cradle of Mankind” due to the archeological finds dating back 2-3.6 million years. The Bantu tribes are known to have inhabited the area as early as 200 years ago and their language forms the base of the Swahili language. The beautiful Serengeti spans Northern Tanzania. Included in the program is a three day safari through the Serengeti... Read More
  • East Africa Field School

    Multiple Areas, Tanzania, Kenya
    Designed to serve majors from many different disciplines, JMU’s East Africa Field School incorporates extensive travel, homestays, lectures/class discussions, readings, and a variety of other assignments to provide breadth and depth of understanding for how “Tanzania” and “Kenya” came to be. We focus on the following broad topics: Kiswahili – an official... Read More

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