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  • JMU Summer in Ghana and Internship

    Accra, Kumasi, Winneba, Cape Coast, Elmina, Ghana

    THE 4-WEEK SUMMER ABROAD PROGRAM: The 4-Week Summer Abroad Program in Ghana is the oldest JMU program on the continent of Africa. In partnership with the University of Ghana and a select number of local Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), our students gain knowledge in multiple disciplines--from history to religion to social work, applied engineering, and health sciences. THE GHANA...
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  • Supporting Healthy Infant Development: Interprofessional and Cross- cultural Perspectives

    Harrisonburg, VA, Kigali, Muhanga, Rwanda

    The course is an interprofessional comparison of service delivery to at risk infants in both the US and Rwanda. Students from the College of Health and Behavioral Studies will focus on some key elements of infant development in each country to include nutrition, health, speech & hearing, and wellbeing. The course will start with an online portion to develop an understanding of global health...
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  • East Africa Field School

    Multiple Areas, Tanzania, Kenya

    Designed to serve majors from many different disciplines, JMU’s East Africa Field School incorporates extensive travel, homestays, lectures/class discussions, readings, and a variety of other assignments into studies of Swahili and human-environment interactions. All students are required to take courses in Swahili language at the appropriate level (beginner to advanced options are...
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