To be considered for admission into JMU's international programs, you must be in good academic standing, hold a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00, or the minimum GPA as determined for the program, at the time of application. Applying early and meeting this minimum GPA does not, however, guarantee admission; additional eligibility criteria apply for most programs. Applications from freshmen in their first semester at JMU will be reviewed after semester grades are posted.

Admission to all programs is based, minimally, on a review by the Director of Study Abroad and a verification of your records via PeopleSoft, the university's information system, not limited to but including your status according to Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Office of Student Accountability & Restorative Practices, and University Finance. Your participation may be denied if your university records or conduct prior to departure raise doubts that you should be allowed to participate in an international experience.

Application Deadlines

Applications are collected throughout the academic year beginning on the first day of fall semester classes in August.

Application Materials

The application for admission has a number of parts. See the outline below and make certain you have completed all steps in the application process.

A completed External Program application consists of the following components:

  • Online application 
  • Permission to Take Courses for Transfer Credit Form
    Available from the Registrar's Office or downloadable here in Adobe Acrobat format.
    Required of ALL students studying abroad on an External program. For more information, visit the Registrar's Transfer Credit Information Page.
  • Independent provider's application form Most independent providers' applications require an approval signature from home institution's study abroad office.

Submitting Your Application

Apply Now

Complete your online application and submit your completed transfer credit form transfer_credit@jmu.edu.

External Program Fee

An External Program Fee of $500 per term for Fall or Spring and $250 for Summer term will be charged to each student’s JMU account. This fee allows JMU to cover ongoing administrative costs to assist students who go abroad on non-JMU programs.

Financial Aid

JMU allows financial aid to be applied on External programs subject to the standard restrictions. For more information, please contact JMU's Financial Aid Office. You MUST complete a "Request to Enter into a Consortium Agreement" if you wish to apply your financial aid to an External Study Abroad Program.


The decision on your admission into a program comes in two steps:

  1. Admission is based on your general suitability for study abroad and will be considered based on a combination of factors:
    • your most recent cumulative GPA
    • academic background in your proposed field of study
    • application materials
  2. Official acceptance letter/offer from the external study abroad program 

Things To Remember

  • Know in advance the classes you will need to register for your return semester.
  • If you plan to live in a dorm when you return to JMU, contact the Office of Residence Life before you leave to go abroad!
  • Know who your JMU advisor is and how to contact him/her BEFORE you leave!
  • Make sure you have NO holds on your account!
  • Make sure you are aware of the safety, health, legal, environmental, 
    political, cultural, and religious conditions in your host country.
  • Obtain and maintain appropriate insurance policies and abide by any conditions imposed by your carrier.
  • Make sure you have provided your program with accurate physical and 
    mental health information that is necessary for a safe and healthy study 
    abroad experience.
  • Understand and comply with the terms of participation and codes of 
    conduct of your program, and obey host-country laws!
  • Make sure your parents know how to contact you abroad, and give them CGE's contact information!
  • Be aware of local conditions when making daily choices and decisions.
  • Behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights and well-being of others.
  • Just as at JMU, you are responsible for your own decisions and actions.
  • Make your study abroad experience a great one!

Contact List

  • For any questions or concerns:
    Center for Global Engagement  
    Tel: 540-568-5209 
    Fax: 540-568-3310  
    Email: studyabroad@jmu.edu
  • For transcript or credit transfer issues:    
    Office of the Registrar  
    Tel: 540-568-1780  
    Email: transfer_credit@jmu.edu
  • For account holds:  
    Linda Combs 
    Director, Student Financial Services  
    Tel: 540-568-6505  
    Email: combslc@jmu.edu
  • For financial aid or scholarship questions:  
    John Michael Schott  
    Financial Aid & Scholarships  
    Tel: 540-568-7890   
    Email: schottjm@jmu.edu

Once You Are Abroad

Send CGE changes or additions to your contact information (email address, mailing address, phone number, fax number). Also, please let us know if you are having any problems. We are here to help!

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