Who are the Global Dukes and Ambassadors?

The Global Dukes and Ambassadors are the student voice of JMU Study Abroad! As study abroad alum (returnees), we are passionate about sharing global opportunities with the JMU Community! Study abroad changed our lives in significant ways, so this is a way for us to give back and encourage others to go abroad! If there is anything we can do to help you prepare to leave for study abroad or return to campus, let us know and we will be happy to help!

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What do we do?

As a team, we all represent and promote study abroad at JMU. We assist the Study Abroad staff with programs throughout the school year such as the Study Abroad Fair. In addition to connecting with the JMU community, we assist prospective study abroad students with any questions they may have regarding selecting a program or even preparing for their departure. We also host various events, such as socials and resume workshops, that are geared towards study abroad alumni. These events create opportunities for alumni to connect and network with other study abroad participants. These events also create a space for students to reunite with their study abroad cohort! 

Global Dukes serve as student leaders who work with the study abroad professional staff and hold a specific coordinator position. They serve as the leadership of our student volunteers and also spearhead our study abroad peer advising. They also hold a specific coordinator position. These coordinator positions include Social Media and Promotion, Design and Marketing, and Alumni Outreach. Global Ambassadors are student volunteers who contribute to study abroad recruitment efforts and help with the smooth running of JMU Study Abroad events. Both groups get to serve as peer advisors as they help JMU students find the perfect study abroad experience.


Global Duke | Ambassador 2021-22 APPLICATIONS

Interested in this wonderful opportunity? Applications are now open for the 2021-22 academic year! Deadline April 1st.

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2020-2021 Global Dukes

Rebecca Gentry
Semester in Antwerp, Summer 2019
"Study Abroad was a completely transformative experience. One of my favorite parts about my time abroad was traveling to so many different countries. I was constantly pushed out of my comfort zone and learned something new every day! Not only did I get to travel the world but I got to do it with a group of amazing people who I now consider to be some of my closest friends. The combination of school work and my desire to take make the most of my time abroad really helped develop my time management skills."
Email: gentryrj@dukes.jmu.edu

Hannah Kaplan
Semester in London, Spring 2020
Barcelona, Summer 2019

"Study abroad has taught me so much about who I am. It has inspired me to do things that I never thought I had the capability to do. It has given me friends who I hope will stick with me for life. And it has given me the opportunity to learn in a hands on environment. Since studying abroad, I’ve learned that I not only love to travel, but I love to experience the culture. I love talking to people of different backgrounds, and making friends across cultures. I hope to be able to continue this passion in the future."
Email: kaplanhf@dukes.jmu.edu

Elena Rogers
Semester in Antwerp, Spring 2019
Ireland, Summer 2018
"One of the best decisions I've made in college was deciding to studying aboard twice. The experience of visiting more than 20 countries while studying abroad exposed me to amazing food, breathtaking scenery, and unique cultures. The program arranged visits to places like NATO and Bloomberg, which helped me focus my career path and motivated me to seek out more opportunities to achieve my goals. If you don't find me living abroad after college, I'd be shocked. "
Email roger2eg@dukes.jmu.edu 

Sarah Gotthold
Semester in Salamanca, Summer 2019
"I always knew I wanted to study abroad from a young age. The opportunity to live in a different country, with a native family, allowed me to become completely immersed in the culture and language. I learned how important it is to begin your journey with an open mind and a willingness to try new things. While studying abroad I was able to take years to learning and apply it to real life situations. I am excited to explore more of the world and the cultures within it."
Email: gotthose@dukes.jmu.edu

Macy Marotta
Semester in Scotland, Summer 2019
"My time studying abroad taught me many unique lessons about independence and adaptability and caused me to learn a lot about myself in the process. Traveling, living, and going to school in an unfamiliar country forced me to step out of my comfort zone and change my routine. I was nervous before I left for my trip, but the challenges and experiences that I had in Scotland resulted in a newfound confidence when I returned home, one that continues to benefit me every day. The trip was truly one-of-a-kind and I am so thankful for the lessons that it taught me and the friends that I made."
Email: marot2ml@dukes.jmu.edu

Nathaniel Sramany
Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Summer 2019
Berlin and Austria, Summer 2018
"Studying identity politics and politics of Southeastern Europe deepened my understanding of the topic and further engaged my inspiration to pursue international affairs. The most impactful moment I experienced was a group city tour of Sarajevo. The tour guide gave us a testimony of her life during the Bosnian war along with pointing out the damage left on the city. We're never exposed to seeing the consequences of war here, to see all the remains humbles your mind, and change your view of the world."
Email: sramanns@dukes.jmu.edu

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