Who are the Global Dukes and Ambassadors?

The Global Dukes and Ambassadors are the student voice of JMU Study Abroad! As study abroad alum, we are passionate about sharing global opportunites with the JMU Community! Study abroad changed our lives in significant ways, so this is a way for us to give back and encourage others to go abroad! If there is anything we can do to help you prepare to leave for study abroad or return to campus, let us know and we will be happy to help!

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Would you like a Study Abroad presentation for your classroom, residence hall, or organization? The Global Dukes and Ambassadors will be glad to assist you! Please complete the online presentation request form below.

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What do we do?

As a team, we all represent and promote study abroad at JMU. We assist the Study Abroad staff with programs throughout the school year such as the Study Abroad Fair. In addition to connecting with the JMU community, we assist prospective study abroad students with any questions they may have regarding selecting a program or even preparing for their departure. We also host various events, such as socials and resume workshops, that are geared towards study abroad alumni. These events create opportunities for alumni to connect and network with other study abroad participants. These events also create a space for students to reunite with their study abroad cohort! 

The Global Dukes serve as student leaders who work closely with the Study Abroad professional staff, assist in leading the Global Ambassadors, and also hold a specific coordinator position. These coordinator positions include Social Media and Promotion, Design and Marketing, and Alumni Outreach. The Global Ambassadors are student volunteers who help to make sure our events run smoothly and contribute to study abroad recruitment efforts. Both groups will work as peer advisors as they help JMU students find their perfect study abroad experience.


2019-2020 Global Dukes

Alexis Kakar
Semester in Antwerp, Fall 2018
Malta Honors Program, Summer 2017

"I was hesitant to go abroad for fear of being so far from home, but decided to try it on a whim. It was easily one of the best decisions I have made throughout college. Both programs I have gone on have taught me more about life and the world than anything I could have ever learned in a classroom. Studying abroad has completely defined my college experience and solidified my career goals/ pathway. I left my semester abroad with so much confidence in myself and a new found adaptability that has been so beneficial throughout all other areas of my life. I strongly believe that everyone should experience a study abroad program!"
Email: kakarar@dukes.jmu.edu

Dalia McCoy
South Africa Justice, Summer 2018

"One of the biggest lessons I learned while studying abroad was that no matter how far we travel, we are not tethered to a geographical location of "home," but to a common sense of being human. During my time abroad, I was encouraged to find ways to connect with people who spoke different languages and learn just how much humans have in common from their stories and ways of life. "Ubuntu," a word I heard frequently while in South Africa, translates to "you are because I am, therefore I am because you are" - I think this describes my study abroad experience perfectly."
Email: mccoy2dm@dukes.jmu.edu

Kiera Moyer
Semester in Antwerp, Spring 2019

"My favorite part of study abroad was the travel. It was so crazy getting to go all over the world with people who were complete strangers a few months ago, but who I would now consider my family. It really pushed us to be individuals and learn how to function in the real world as an adult; being submerged in completely new environments and having to adapt and learn as we go. We learned so much about effective group work, the logistics of traveling all the time (especially how to pack lightly), and having to excel as a student in a new, unfamiliar setting."
Email moyerkl@dukes.jmu.edu 


Mistire Kifle
Cape Town Internship, Summer 2019
Semster in London, Spring 2018

The JMU semester in London program was my first time in Europe and it was a cultural experience that I would never be able to gain had I stayed on campus all four years. Since I have returned from study abroad, I continue to recognize my growth in curiosity of other cultures. During my time in London, we had many excursions that introduced us to different people and stories and I try to find ways that I can do that in my hometown. I plan to continue visiting countries to expand on my knowledge about other cultures.
Email: kifle2mx@dukes.jmu.edu

Kaylah McFarland
Semester in London, Summer 2019

"Studying, living, and working in London allowed me to gain my independence in new ways. I contributed to major projects at my internship and gained a newfound confidence. Studying abroad provided me a new, indescribable outlook on the way I live my life. I've met people and found new places that will always feel like home."
Email: mcfarlkf@dukes.jmu.edu


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