Policy Number:   200-1

Last Updated:  2/25/2020

Policy Title:   Procurement Overview

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

JMU Contact & Phone:  Director of Procurement Services:   568-3141  


JMU Financial Procedures Manual

JMU Procurement Website


All procurement of goods and services must be made according to applicable state laws, regulations, policies and procedures as well as guidelines established by the JMU Director of Procurements Services.

Only JMU procurement can sign documents associated with purchases i.e. quotes, contracts, etc. with limited exceptions.


 This summary of procurement information is presented here as a resource for all Athletic Departments.


Refer to the JMU websites listed in the heading at the beginning of this policy for important information.

Note that purchases $9,999 and above must go through JMU Procurement.

Additional procurement websites/resources:

JMU Procurement Services

JMU Procedures for Purchase of Goods & Services

eVA Procurement Information

Contracts & Mandatory Sources 

(The Supply Room- Office Supplies) (Virginia Correctional Enterprises- Furniture) (Aramark- Catering/Dining; Aramark Catering) (Pepsi-Beverages)

Procurement Forms

SWAM Information

Financial & Payment Information

Amazon Purchases

It is expected that prior permission is obtained before purchasing from Amazon.

Amazon is not an eVA self-registered, contracted nor SWaM vendor. As the University has purchasing goals with both eVA registered and SWaM vendors, that impact our delegation and autonomy, we expect eVA self-registered vendors, SWaM vendors and contracted vendors be utilized whenever practically possible. We understand that there may be instances where it is not possible to obtain items from such vendors. If you have checked with the eVA self-registered, SWaM and/or contracted vendors and are not able to obtain an item or feel you have other justification, please send an email with the details of the item and the vendors you have checked with to askeva@jmu.edu. Procurement can then assist you in identifying other potential sources or give permission to buy from Amazon. Retain the approval and vendor research documentation for your files if you end up needing to purchase from Amazon and also attach the documentation to your SPCC reconciliation.

Hotel/Lodging Contracts

All hotel contracts must be approved by JMU Procurement. See the "Contracts" Section of this manual for procedures to follow for competition travel lodging contracts.

Furniture Purchases

Purchases of furniture for offices, locker rooms, student athlete areas, etc. must be purchased from VCE (VCE Contract List).  If the item(s) you wish to purchase is not on the VCE contract, prepare a memorandum describing your reasons to procure off the state contract.  The ABO will assist you as needed and approve the request.  The ABO forwards this request to Procurement as it must be approved by Procurement before the item is purchased.

Existing Contracts

University and VASCUPP Term contracts are established for supplies and services that are purchased in volume at JMU. These term contracts are competitively awarded and the most favorable pricing is negotiated. Whenever possible, purchases should be made through these contracted vendors under the terms of existing contracts. Also, there is a list of contracts which have been established by JMU Procurement Services; however, not all Athletics contracts are listed there.

SWAM Vendors

As a department of the Administration and Finance Division, Athletics will prioritize the use of vendors who are small, women, and/or minority owned and certified with the Department of Minority Business Enterprise. To locate SWAM vendors, use the website listed in the chart above.

Office Supplies (Mandatory Source):  The Supply Room

TSRC (The Supply Room Company) - JMU executed an agreement with TSRC to utilize a UVA contract that allows for deep discounts on the top 2,000 purchased office supplies and a minimum of 22 percent discount on all other items. The JMU-specific punch-out catalog in eVA will be utilized to capture these savings and is listed as: TSRC Inc JMU. As of March 1, 2015, JMU administration mandated that the contact be utilized for all office supply purchases. (TRSC Fact Sheet & Contacts and Frequently Asked Questions)


A hard copy of the quote for any purchase orders to rent equipment, tents, etc. from Rockingham Rent All, Inc. and/or Central Virginia Rental must be submitted to Procurement before they will approve the order in eVA.

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