Wilson Hall at James Madison University

Policy Number:   200-3

Last Revised: 1/30/2020

Policy Title:  Procurement – Food & Beverage

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

JMU Contact & Phone:  AP Supervisor of Travel:  568-8019

Websites:    JMU Financial Procedures Manual


Athletics has an exception regarding purchases of “nutritional supplements”, but otherwise will adhere to the policy set forth by JMU as outlined in the website listed above. 


To outline the Athletic exception for nutritional supplements and to provide a reference for JMU food & beverage policy and procedures.



Athletics has an exception from the Finance AVP regarding purchase of Nutritional Supplements, (i.e. additional meals, fruits/nuts/bagels).  Nutritional Supplements are subject to the approval of the JMU Sports Nutritionist and NCAA regulations. These items are not included in the daily per diem calculations, but do require completion of a BMCF.

See the JMU website listed in the heading of this policy for:

  • Which events are considered appropriate for food and beverages to be served
  • Requirements and limitations on appropriate expenditures for food and beverages

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