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Policy Number:  110

Last Updated:  2/25/2020

Policy Title:  Travel - General

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office 568-3829 or 568-2367

JMU Contact & Phone:  AP Supervisor of Travel 568-8019


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See JMU Financial Procedure Manual at the website listed above. Team travel expenses must be within budget parameters.  All recruiting travel must be in accordance with NCAA requirements and is reviewed by JMU Athletics Compliance Office.  Athletics requires that a Chrome River expense report be submitted on behalf of the traveler within 60 days of trip completion.

To ensure that all travel meets University, NCAA and Athletic Department requirements.  This includes advance approval for all international travel expenses forms.



Refer to the JMU website listed in the heading at the beginning of this policy for important information.

Additional information pertaining to Athletics is as follows:

  • TA is needed for any International/Non-domestic travel (team, recruiting and other).  Whenever lodging is over per diem rates, a Prior Approval form is required.  See the chart below which outlines the necessary steps to process an International TA.
  • All TA’s for international travel must be reviewed and approved by Compliance.
  • All TA's for international travel must be signed by the traveler, supervisor, Assistant Athletic Director for Business & Finance, Athletic Director, and Senior VP for Administration and Finance before sending to AP.
  • Be sure to include FBCF when applicable; see section 4215.351 of the JMU FPM. 
  • The JMU Transportation Dept. prefers that the Athletics Travel Request Form be used for all Athletic travel for consistency. This applies to team, recruiting and general travel.
  • Additional travel requirements may apply, i.e. passports for international travel.
  • Reimbursement for University-approved travel must begin and end at the same "base point". If the traveler plans to return to a location other than the base point, they must provide a cost comparison BEFORE traveling showing that returning to the alternative location is less than or equal to the cost of returning to the initial base point. The University will not reimburse the traveler for any costs exceeding what the trip would cost when starting and returning to the same base point. Additionally, anytime a traveler combines personal and business travel a cost comparison must be completed and approved by the ABO PRIOR to traveling, showing that the personal travel does not impose any additional expenses to the University.  Additional costs relating to the personal travel, cannot be covered by Foundation funds.

Processing an International TA:

The form and instructions can be accessed by clicking the links at the websites listed in the heading of this policy.



Sport Program/Department

  1. Using budget parameters, estimate all expenses that will be incurred including transportation, lodging and meals, etc.
  2. Prepare in Chrome River and submit, have it signed by traveler and supervisor prior to approval by the Assistant Athletic Director for Business & Finance.
  3. Forward original to the ABO for signatures from the Assistant AD for Business & Finance and Athletic Director.
  4. Proceed with scheduling trips, making reservations, etc., once approvals are in place and the Sport Program has received a copy of the fully-executed International TA.


  1.  ABO will then forward to the Senior VP for Admin & Finance for approval once the Assistant AD for Business & Finance and Athletic Director have signed it.
  2. Once the International TA is received back from the Senior VP of Admin and Finance, the ABO will then send the Sport Program a copy of the International TA and forward the original to AP.

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