Policy Number:  300-3                                                                  

Last Updated:  2/25/2020

Policy Title:  Skilled Services Contracts

Administrative Contact & Phone:  Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

Procurement:   568-7935 or 568-7936

Websites:  JMU Financial Procedures Manual

POLICY:  Athletics can enter into contracts with various speakers, agencies, etc. in order to procure events/presentations for individual sports or departmental presentation.

PURPOSE:  Provide procedures for skilled services contracts for contracts less than $9,999. Anything $9,999 and above should be processed through Procurement Services. See policy #200-1 Procurement Overview.




1.  Sport program or department provides information (vendor’s contract, invoice, etc.) to the Athletic Business Office. 

2.  If vendor does not provide a contract, the program/department completes the “Skilled Services Contract” and forwards to the ABO to review the contract. ABO will then forward it to procurement for their review and signature(s).

3.  When a contractor presents their contract, the contract should be forwarded to Procurement Services for review and signature. 

4.  After signed contract is returned from procurement, it is sent to the vendor for signature. Once contract with both signatures is received, submit to ABO.

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