Wilson Hall at James Madison University

Policy Number:  400-4 

Last Updated:  2/25/2020

Policy Title:  Miscellaneous – Surplus Property                                                                                                          

Administrative Contact & Phone:  Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

Websites:  Fixed Assets/Surplus Property


Athletics requires signatures from the Director of Athletic Facilities for transfers of surplus property and the Assistant AD for Business and Finance for transfers of computer equipment.


Provide website references and procedures for transfers of surplus property and computer equipment.



  • According to JMU policy, an EICR form must be completed and sent to the Surplus Property Coordinator before items will be accepted at the Surplus Property warehouse.  The website for the EICR form is listed in the DOCUMENTS section and instructions for the form are available on-line.
  • Approval signatures for EICR form:  The Director of Athletic Facilities must sign for Surplus Property, and the Assistant AD for Business and Finance, (ABO) signs for all computer equipment.
  • If items are too heavy or cumbersome for one person to handle, contact the Surplus Property Coordinator to determine whether additional help will be needed to load/transport the equipment.  If additional help is needed, submit a work order request by email to the Athletics Facilities Director Office Coordinator. 

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