Policy Number:  400-5                                                                  

Last Updated:  2/25/2020

Policy Title:  Miscellaneous - Telephones

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:   568-3829 or 568-2367

JMU Contact & Phone:  Telecommunications:  568-6471

Websites:  JMU Financial Procedures Manual  (JMU FPM 4205 select .350)  


The Athletics Department will abide by university policies for University-owned telephones and services.  Select administrators and members of the coaching staff will be provided a cell phone. Department cell phones are issued by the Athletics Business Manager in the ABO. All cell phone inquiries should be directed to the ABO. The ABO will monitor monthly office telephone bills for appropriate usage. 


To ensure that Athletics employees are adhering to both University and Athletics Department telephone policies. 


See the JMU websites listed at the beginning of this policy for the university’s telephone policy and proper procedures for purchasing cellular telephones.

Also reference the Athletics Staff Handbook index topic:  “Telephone Services and Regulations” under “Human Resources” for policy and procedures for both office telephones and cell phones.

Monthly office telephone bill

The ABO will retain a summary copy of the bill for reconciliations purposes.  Individual sport programs/departments will receive the consolidated bill for each extension in their area.  Managers are responsible for monitoring long distance charges and taking appropriate action when necessary. 

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