Policy Number:  400-3                                                                  

Last Updated: 1/30/2020

Policy Title:  Miscellaneous – Work Order Requests

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Assistant Director for Athletics Facilities 568-8810

Websites:  JMU Facilities Management


Work requests must be submitted to the office of the Assistant Director for Athletics Facilities, and will be assigned to athletics facilities staff to complete, unless the scope of the project exceeds athletics resources.  If an assignment is beyond athletics personnel, a work request is submitted online to the Facilities Management (FM) Work Control Office and a cost estimate obtained.


To outline procedures to follow when repairs, maintenance or work projects are needed.


  • Internal Work Order Request


    1.  If a repair, maintenance, project, or office move is needed, submit request in writing (email or paper) to the Assistant Director for Athletics Facilities (ADAF). The work request should be sent with as much information as possible. 

2.  The ADAF gathers information to determine if a work request should be submitted to the work control center, or to athletics facilities staff person(s).  Note:  Major reserve fund projects should be routed through FM’s work control center. 

3.  If athletics personnel are able to complete the job, they are assigned to it and it is completed.    

4.  If the FM Work Control office needs to coordinate and complete a project, the following steps must occur: 

a.  The ADAF completes and submits an online work order request. 

b.  The Work Control Office provides a cost estimate to the ADAF.                

c.  The estimate is relayed to the requestor and Assistant AD for Business and Finance for approval to carry out the work request at the quoted cost.              

d.  Invoices for the completed work are sent to the ABO.  For some work (maintenance and repairs to the building), athletics is not directly billed.


1. Can I contact the Athletics Maintenance staff directly to complete a task/job?

No, ALL work requests must be submitted to the Facilities and Events office so that staff may be assigned responsibilities.

2. Can I contact a trade shop (i.e. electrician, carpenters, etc.) directly to get an estimate or to complete a task?

No, a work request is needed to complete all tasks and to obtain an estimate for a project.

3. Can I do the work myself (i.e. paint, electrical, etc.) instead of submitting a work request?

No, per University Policy #4302 Facility Modification/Maintenance:  All modifications and repairs to campus facilities must be coordinated with and accomplished by Facilities Management in order to ensure safe, efficient and code-compliant facilities. This policy addresses major projects, routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, emergency maintenance, deferred maintenance, income producing events, departmental improvements and other associated program requests.

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