Wilson Hall at James Madison University

Policy Number:   200-2                                                                 

Last Updated: 11/7/2023

Policy Title:   Procurement:  Equipment Purchases

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

JMU Contact & Phone:  Accounts Payable:   568-7397

Website:  JMU Financial Procedures Manual (Section 7005)


    James Madison University Equipment Ordering:  In an effort to increase efficiency and streamline equipment ordering, the following process will become effective immediately for ordering equipment (137800).

    Reminders and FYI’s:

    • All BSN orders (137800) will now be paid by LeAnne Cain, Athletics Business Manager, on her SPCC
    • NO orders should be placed without an EP number (i.e. do not send orders to BSN or other vendors without having an assigned EP number)

    Ordering Process:

    • Respective Equipment Manager will work directly with the Head Coach or team designee, to place orders and discuss inventory
    • Respective Equipment Manager will either
      • Enter the order into eVA on behalf of LeAnne Cain/Admin Assistant and select her PCARD from the drop-down menu OR
      • Give the order form to their respective Admin Assistant to enter the order into eVA. The Admin Assistant would then enter the order into eVA on behalf of LeAnne Cain and select her PCARD from the drop-down menu
      • Add the Sport Program’s Admin Assistant, Equipment Manager, and LeAnne Cain will be added as an “Approver” to ensure everyone receives documentation.
    • Orders will ship directly to the respective equipment manager—please be sure that when you order “on behalf of LeAnne Cain’, that you select the appropriate address for your equipment manager and NOT the ABO address.
    • All “future” orders will be sent to Director of Equipment to order and enter into eVA
    • All uniform mock ups will first be sent to the Director of Equipment before being sent to BSN for official mock ups. Official mock ups will then be sent to Geoff Polglase and Kevin Warner for final approval before ordering.

    Dicks Sporting Goods

    • Hillary will continue to place all orders for all sport programs on Dicks.com. You must have approval from the Director of Equipment Room Services to order from Dicks. You should always work through contracted vendors and use Dicks as a last resort.

    Any other outside BSN Orders

    • Equipment managers should be ordering from eVA registered vendors and vendors that accept tax exempt orders. It is the equipment managers responsibility to find appropriate vendors or acquire necessary eVA documentation from vendor. If the vendor does not accept electronic POs the equipment manager will send the approved PO to the vendor to order if necessary. All sport admins should have to do is pay or enter into eVA.


    • Golf and tennis orders outside of BSN will be purchased by their equipment manager. In particular Acushnet, Fromuth, and Wilson orders. Confirming orders will then be put into eVA by the equipment manager.


    Receiving Reports

    Equipment managers will fill out a receiving report for all orders that come in and send to respective admin to be paid. Equipment managers should keep a digital copy of said report for their records.


    Ordering Assignments:

    • Hillary Stafford: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Swim & Dive, M/W Soccer, M/W Tennis, M/W Golf, Track & Field, Cross Country and Volleyball
    • Pete Johnson – Baseball, Softball
    • Robert Marchand – Football
    • Jerrid Matlock – M.Basketball, W.Basketball, Facilities, Sports Med


    • Godwin EQ manager TBD – M/W Golf, M/W Tennis, Swim/Dive, Cheer

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