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Policy Number:   200-2                                                                 

Last Updated: 2/25/2020

Policy Title:   Procurement:  Equipment Purchases

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367

JMU Contact & Phone:  Accounts Payable:   568-7397

Website:  JMU Financial Procedures Manual (Section 7005)


All purchases of sports equipment that will be used by and allocated to student-athletes must be officially ordered and received by the equipment room and entered into their inventory system before the item can be signed out to the program or athlete for any purpose. 


To ensure proper inventory controls are maintained in the Athletic Equipment Rooms. 


  • EP/PCO (Purchase Order)
  • Invoice
  • Receiving Report
  • Return Authorization 


  • Equipment may not be ordered or reserved until there is an authorized purchase order number.
  • Coaches and staff may not intercept the delivery of items and allocate to team or send elsewhere for embroidery or other modifications prior to equipment room receiving and processing a receiving report.
  • Equipment purchases may not be ordered and received by the same individual/area. Proper segregation of duties must be maintained to insure adequate internal control.
  • Any received item that will be returned, must be returned within 14-days of receipt through the Equipment room. Equipment room must keep return shipment verification, and send a copy to the appropriate Sports Program Admin Assistant.
  • University agreements are restricted to items that are specifically beneficial to JMU Athletics and/or each item is intended for JMU Athletics staff, Student-Athletes or camp participants.  As such, it is not permissible to use University contracts for personal orders.

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