Wilson Hall at James Madison University

Policy Number:   200-7   

Last Updated: 2/25/2020

Policy Title:   Procurement - Stationary/Business Cards              

Administrative Contact & Phone:   Athletic Business Office:   568-3829 or 568-2367
Athletics Contact & Phone:  Graphic Artist:   Stephanie Orebaugh:  568-3359


Office stationary and business cards are purchased through the Athletic Marketing Department. If a Sport Program is simply doing a reorder of business cards, the Admin Assistant for that program may work directly with the Madison Print Services. If a Sports Program or Department wants a new design, it must be approved through Compliance and the Deputy Athletic Director.


To ensure that guidelines for JMU Athletic format and logos are followed when purchasing stationary and business cards.  In addition, compliance verification is required on new designs to ensure they meet NCAA requirements.


If requestor wants a new or different logo on stationary or business cards, it must be approved by Compliance and the Deputy Athletic Director before the following procedures are followed:




Athletic Department

1. Sends request to Graphic Artist in Marketing via email, interoffice mail, or fax with sample attached.

Graphic Artist

2. Prepares proof and sends proof to department via email for review.

Sport Program/Department

3. Approves the proof via email and advises Graphic Artist if any changes are needed.

4. Prepares EP in eVa and sends approved proof and EP number to Printer.

5. Receives orders when they are delivered and forwards them to the appropriate department.

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