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JMU Small Purchase Card

Policy Number: 200-6

Last Updated:  2/21/2020

The Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) offers departments an alternate payment method when making small purchases. This method gives departments the opportunity to purchase goods and services costing $9,999 or less. VISA is the charge card vendor for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The charge card eliminates vendor invoices and consolidates multiple vendor payments into one monthly payment to VISA. VISA makes payments directly to the vendors. Information reports are available to help cardholders and departments maintain control over purchases and payments. Departments shall maintain a record of their purchases so spending limits can be monitored and purchasing activity can be reconciled to the monthly card statements. Each month the cardholder is required to reconcile their SPCC purchases in Peoplesoft, sign their SPCC cover sheet, and get the signature of their supervisor and/or the Assistant A.D. for Business and Finance.  The department must retain all VISA records for three years plus the current fiscal year for auditing by the Cash & Investments Office. 

Cardholders may contact the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Program Administrator, 568-7396 or 568-6888 if they have questions concerning appropriate use of the card.

JMU Financial Procedures Manual (Section 4220)

Forms Relating to SPCC:

Small Purchase Application Form

Small Purchase Information Form (Form in Middle of Page)

Finance Page: Small Purchase Charge Card Program Links

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