Policy Number:  300-2

Last Updated:  8/24/2021

Policy Title:  Game Contracts

Administrative Contact & Phone:  Athletic Business Office:  568-3829 or 568-2367 

JMU Contact & Phone:  Office of University Counsel:   568-5242

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Game contracts prepared using Perfect Record used by JMU Athletics Department do not require review by JMU Procurement and Office of University Counsel before the Athletic Director signs and approves, unless they contain the following terms or conditions:

  1. Requirement to be bound by other than the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  2. Requirement that JMU indemnify or hold harmless the other college/university
  3. Requirement that JMU pay the other college/university’s attorney fees in the event a lawsuit is filed
  4. Requirement that JMU submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of a state other than Virginia

This limited exemption from contract reviews under Policy 4100 shall remain in effect unless it is amended or revoked in writing by the university counsel’s office. 


To outline proper procedures to be followed by the Athletics Department for game contracts. 


  1. If the contract is a Conference game, then the contract and all information is input on ZebraWeb, an online program used for filing and streamlining the contractual process between two schools/universities.  The information is input by the Associate AD for Sports Programs.
  2. If the contract is a Non-Conference game, then for the contract and all information use the current system that is outlined in #3 below.  That information is then later input into ZebraWeb, with necessary paperwork still being filed in the Athletic Business Office and the executed contract being uploaded to SharePoint.
  3. Administrative Assistant completes contract/”agreement” pursuant to information provided by Sport Administrator and/or coach in the Perfect Record portal:
    • Name of competitor
    • Sport
    • Proposed date, time, etc.
    • Guarantee to be paid to visiting team, if applicable
    • Number of comp tickets, if applicable
    • Other pertinent information
  4. The Contract will then be sent internally through the Perfect Record platform to the Head Coach for the respected sport for signature.
  5. Upon Head Coaches approval, the Contract will then be sent to the Sports Administrator for the respective sport for signature.
  6. Once the Head Coach and Sports Administrator have electronically approved the contract, it is sent to the opposing institution through the Perfect Record platform for signature.
  7. Upon receiving a fully-endorsed contract, the Administrative Assistant must upload the contract to SharePoint.
  8. Any game guarantee payments stated in the contracts are requested by the Administrative Assistant for the Sports Program after the competition.

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