Policy Number:  400-9

Last Updated:  2/25/2020

Policy Title:  Athletic Invoicing                                                                                                      

Administrative Contact & Phone:  Athletic Business Office:  568-2367 of 568-3829                                   

JMU Contact & Phone:  University Business Office:  568-6505

Websites: JMU Financial Procedures Manual


Invoicing for Sponsorships and Events will be handled in accordance with JMU policy and procedures outlined in the website above.


This policy ensures that Athletics invoices for sponsorships and events in a timely manner and that proper collection procedures are followed.




In addition to, and in accordance with the JMU procedures listed on the website above, the Athletic Department will follow the following procedures:

  1. Sponsorship invoicing will be done in accordance with the Sponsorship Agreement. Any changes to an agreement will be documented.
  2. Closing sheets for events will be submitted to the Athletic Business Office within five days of the event’s conclusion. The closing sheet will include all available information, including hours worked and applicable purchase orders and work orders.
  3. Invoicing will occur once closing sheets are completed and all available charges have been posted to Department 300296. Invoices will be provided to the Facility & Events personnel for review prior to mailing to the customer or group hosting the event.
  4. In conjunction with the monthly department reconciliation process, a summary of outstanding invoices will be provided to JMU Facilities & Events. An internal log will be maintained of collection efforts that are made for all past due invoices: these efforts will include, but are not limited to:
    • Direct phone calls
    • E-mail correspondence
    • Non-renewal
  5. The ABO will also send past due notices when invoices are 30, 60 and 90 days past due. Based on the response from the customer the Asst. AD Business and Finance, will determine if athletics will continue collection efforts or send the customer to the UBO for collections.
  6. For payments received, Administrative Assistants should prepare a Deposit Form (SharePoint) and submit it to the ABO along with any funds to be deposited. The ABO will prepare the appropriate Deposit Transmittal, and ensure they are delivered safely to the UBO within one business day of receipt.

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