SWaM stands for Small, Woman-Owned, and Minority-Owned businesses. To be considered a SWaM vendor for reporting purposes, the vendor must be certified with the Virginia Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity (SBSD). The certification is free to the vendor, but they do need to take the time to complete the paperwork process. The certification is only valid for three years and the vendor must then recertify.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has an initiative to do more business with SWaM vendors. Governor Warner, Governor Kaine, Governor McAuliffe, and Governor Northam have issued Executive Orders on the initiative. Many state agencies have guidelines that are much stricter than what we have at JMU. JMU is a decentralized agency and has chosen to provide opportunity, vendor outreach, and education to buyers in an attempt to achieve the same results as the centralized agency rules. JMU does have to submit an annual SWAM Plan with expected percentages of spend with SWaM vendors. To meet the JMU Management Standards, we then need to meet those SWaM percentages, within a 15 percent variance. JMU has yet to miss meeting our actual goal.

Buyers across campus should be working to utilize SWaM certified vendors as much as possible. If you are working with a SWaM vendor that has not yet certified you should forward them to the Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity or to Procurement Services for assistance in the certification process. There are numerous SWaM certified vendors on contract with the university and through cooperative contracts available to the university. Buyers should not use a non-SWaM vendor when contracted SWaM vendors are available.

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The duties performed by Procurement Services vary according to the individual needs of the University department. The following is a partial list of the services and responsibilities assigned to Procurement:

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